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Generator Service – All Makes & Models

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Fire Pump Service

We specialize in performing preventative maintenance, diagnostic and service on all makes and models of diesel fire pump engines.

Emission Control

If you are one of the many companies in California
being required to install a Particulate Matter (PM) Filter on your generators, we can help you become compliant by supplying and installing this part for you.

Compliance Experts

We’re committed to helping our customers stay current with all the latest federal, state and local emission regulations, including AQMD [South Coast Air Quality Management District] and CARB [California Air Resources Board]. By staying in compliance, we help you avoid costly fines and unnecessary aggravation.

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technician working on ATS
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Duthie Power performs a 32 point comprehensive inspection of the emergency power supply system [EPSS] following strict regulatory guidelines and can make all needed repairs. Our inspection covers all the systems of the EPSS: fuel, exhaust & filtration, lubrication, cooling, battery, generator, generator controls, transfer switches, remote monitoring [if applicable] and safety system.
Service Agreement

Maintenance Agreements
The Best Way to Safeguard Your Investment

Our maintenance agreements help to ensure your equipment is properly maintained, which can save money, extend the life of your equipment, protect against the high cost of power failure, and keep you in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Enrolling in one of our flexible maintenance plans allows you to extend the life of your generator and have reliable power when you need it the most. Our agreements can be tailored to meet your needs – monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, 3-year and 5-year – we will help you devise a plan to meet your needs.

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Major Overhauls

Our field technicians can perform overhauls to restore generators, diesel fire pump engines to OEM operating specifications. We also overhaul generator control panels and switchgear.

Repairs, Rebuilds and Replacements

Our union field technicians do not work on commission and will only recommend repairs or replacements that are in the best interests of our customers. Their job is to help you stay in compliance and keep your equipment running. If you need additional services or parts, our home office will provide a quote before any additional work is started.

Rapid Reliable Response

Our field technicians and their vehicles are well-equipped for most situations and have immediate access to our extensive parts warehouse. We guarantee a 15-minute telephone response with a typical 2-hour on-site arrival [depending on location] – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fuel Delivery, Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

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We provide delivery of both diesel and propane direct to your work site. Additionally, we offer tank cleaning for all diesel fuel tanks to eliminate contaminants. During tank cleaning the fuel is pumped into a storage tank.
After the tank is cleaned the fuel is polished before being pumped back into the tank.
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