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Renting Compared to Buying a Commercial Generator

Renting Compared to Buying a Commercial Generator

Renting vs. Buying Emergency Generators

Renting is obvious if you need a generator for a temporary situation.

Basically what we get a lot of rentals for are power shutdowns, construction projects or an outside project (such as a show) that they need temporary power for. This is when a customer needs temporary power for day versus the cost of a brand new generator.

Being in the state of California, buying a generator is a lot different than renting one. Mainly because you have to deal with the AQMD to get approval (approval to run the generator) if you’re buying.

Our rental generators are run under CARB (The California Air Resources Board) rather than the AQMD (much easier to get them permitted). This is the main reason we can run these generators all over Southern California – as they are already permitted.

You can lease a generator for a day, a week, a month and obviously that can continue on for a longer period of time. We have some generators that are on rental for a year or more in one location.

They can be rented as prime power – running all the time to power something such as a show (if you need equipment up and running all the time). Or you can run it as a standby generator just as a backup for a building, hospital or hotel to be prepared for the chance that there will be a power outage.

When we do a major repair on a generator a lot of our customers demand that a rental generator be there – hooked up ready to go – should the power go out during our repair job.

For more information on temporary rental generators or service on an existing commercial generator, request a quote or give us a call at 1-800-899-3931.

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