Installation Only

Champion Generator Installation Only

Already have a Champion generator but need someone to install it? We can do that!

Item Description:

Duthie Power Services is dedicated to meeting all your power needs. And now we’re extending that commitment into your home! If you already have the equipment and just need someone to install your new Champion generator, we can do that too. Our residential generator installation service comes with a 1-year limited warranty on workmanship.

Here are some things to look for when needing to install a generator:

● A flat, level area for a small concrete pad, a secure bed of gravel, or crushed stone.
● A space with open airflow to ensure room for potential service and maintenance in the future. (18” from the back and 36” on each side and the front. (Nothing can be around it)
● A location near the fuel supply and your electrical box.. Our installation packages comes with a 10ft run to the nearest gas line and electrical box. * Additional distances will be an added cost.
● Overall size of install area to provide needed clearances must be 10.3’’ by 7.45’

Other Costs

*We will pull the permits, but permit costs will be an added cost as these vary by city.
*Distances longer than 10 feet for natural gas and electrical wiring will be an additional cost.