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Now you can buy Champion and Honeywell home generators directly from Duthie Power Services. Choose from six sizes ranging from 8.5 kW to 22 kW — that’s enough to power homes as large as 8,000 sq ft.

Take advantage of our one-stop shopping with packages including home backup generators, installation, and maintenance.

Duthie customers deserve the best. That’s why we carefully chose the home generator brands that provide the reliability, service, and support that our customers expect.

Champion Generators are best in Class but their maximum size is 14 kW. Honeywell is our brand of choice for the 18 kW – 24 kW as they offer the best warranty for their sizes.

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Got a question about home standby generators or emergency power, in general? Duthie Power’s very own Pete Thornton, as heard on KFI AM 640 with Dean Sharp, has an answer! Submit your questions below and Pete will get back to you.

From the beach to the desert and the mountains, Duthie Power has delivered peace of mind to Southern California for over 50 years.

Duthie Power Unpredictable Weather

Unpredictable Weather

Whether it's the Santa Ana winds, hot summer days or winter storms, CA residents are experiencing more and more public safety power shutoffs.


We offer Synchrony financing with options from no interest to monthly payments as low as $72/month. Tell us your budget and we can work with you to make this an easy investment.

*All of our quotes include installation under otherwise noted.

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How does it work?

An installed home generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch immediately starts up when it notices you no longer have power from the utility.  In most cases it is barely noticeable that your power went out at all.

Whereas, portable home generators are plugged directly into what you want to run. When your power goes out you will need to start them up and get them plugged in and you are limited in what you can run.

With power outages becoming almost normal, many people forget all the items they have in their homes that rely on a reliable power source and below we have listed just a few things that most of us really miss without power.

  • Security System
  • Internet
  • Freezers & Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Televisions
  • Air Conditioning

2019 California Power Outages



Total number of people affected by outages.

2,800,000 minutes

Total duration of outages. Approximately 47,191 hours.


Total number of outages.

Do we install in your area?

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  1. This is totally dependent on the size (and power requirements) of your house and the size of the generator you are purchasing. It also depends on what you plan on running during an outage. The largest Champion generator will power most things you will want to run when the power is out as it is doubtful you will be using everything at once; however, the Honeywell generators are larger and will power everything including AC. We will have a sales specialist come to do a job walk to make sure you have the correct size generator to meet your needs.

We recommend to all of our clients that their generator AND ATS receive an annual service. This is important so that you can be sure your generator will run when you need it. A discounted annual service is available as an add on to all of our generator sales.

Yes, your generator will turn on automatically when your utility power is lost. That is the function of your ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). The installation of the switch is part of your purchase package.

Champion generators are one of the quietest in the industry; and actually, more quiet than most lawnmowers. The Honeywell units are also quiet and emit a noise level comparable to your Central AC unit. Check out our graphic for a noise level comparison of home standby generators relative to other common household sounds.

Permits for the generator are the responsibility of the homeowner. Permits vary by city and county and are dependent upon where you live. Check with your local city hall to find the requirements for your home. In addition – Duthie Power Services is not responsible for any HOA’s approvals, and that falls onto the homeowner as well.

Our installation package includes the installation cost for running 10 feet of electrical and 10 feet of natural gas or propane plumbing to your generator so the best place for the installation would be no further than 10 feet from your electrical box and 10 feet from and accessible gas line. There also needs to be space around your generator. In general, you generator needs 5′ of clearance from your property line and if located near home, 5’ of clearance from any windows. We have developed a diagram that shows you how much space is needed around your generator. In general, you generator needs 5′ of clearance from your property line. However, the installation location may be dependent on the zoning laws of your local municipality.

Our installation package includes up to 10 feet of electrical and up to 10 feet of natural gas or propane plumbing. (approx. $25 per foot of additional line for more than 10ft) The tie into your electrical box and installation of the ATS switch, the tie in to your natural gas/propane, assisting with pulling needed permits and the preparation of the area where your generator will reside. Our Residential Sales Specialist can discuss this further in your virtual or on-site jobwalk.

Champion has a generous 10 year warranty plan, and Honeywell has a 5 year warranty plan. Both of these brands were selected by Duthie Power Services based upon their warranty and repair issues. As long as your generator is serviced annually you should not anticipate any issues.

Both the Champion and Honeywell generators run on either natural gas or propane. Duthie Power Services also offers even larger generators that also run on diesel.

As homeowners decide on their new generator, one of the first questions they ask is Should I get a Portable or Standby Generator? Check out our infographic which breaks down the major differences between each type so you can decide which option works best for you and your family –

What should I expect during installation? Download our brochure for information on what to expect during installation, including what is included and how to prepare.