Duthie Power Services is dedicated to meeting all your power needs. Now we’re extending that commitment into your home!

Now you can buy Champion Power Equipment™ directly from Duthie Power Services. Choose from three sizes ranging from 8.5kW to 14kW — that’s enough to power homes as large as 4,000 sq ft.

Take advantage of one-stop shopping with packages including generators, installation and maintenance.

Duthie customers deserve the best. That’s why we insist on providing the reliability, service and support of a Champion home standby unit.

Designed in the USA for the exacting standards of the North American market, Champion home standby generators meet the following regulations:

  • California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements
  • Units are certified to Underwriters Laboratory (UL 2200), and CSA C22.2 No. 100-14 standards in both the USA and Canada

8.5-kW Home Standby Generator w/ ATS 50 NEMA

Champion’s 8.5-kW home standby generator system provides 24/7 power for your home and peace of mind for you.


or as low as $94 a month*

*Special financing available

12.5-kW Home Standby Generator w/ 200 Amp Whole House Switch

Champion’s 12.5-kW Whole House™ home standby generator system provides 24/7 power for your entire home.


or as low as $107 a month*

*Special financing available

14-kW Home Standby Generator w/ 200 Amp Whole House Switch

Champion’s 14-kW Whole House™ home standby generator system provides 24/7 power for your entire home.


or as low as $119 a month*

*Special financing available

Champion Generator Installation Only

Did you buy your Champion generator someplace else? Duthie Power Services can install it for you!


Payment examples use calculations based on the cost of equipment as shown above, plus a 2.5% origination fee, over an 84 month loan with Constant Energy Capital, at a fixed rate of 9.78% APR. Offer subject to credit approval with the lowest rates reserved for well-qualified borrowers. Applying for credit will not affect your credit score.

2016 National Power Outages



Total number of people affected by outages.

186,850 minutes

Total duration of outages. Approximately 3,114 hours or 130 days.


Total number of outages.

Reporting more than 200 every year, California takes the lead above all other states when it comes to power outages.

In 2016 alone, California had 470 reported power outages, followed byTexas with half that — just 197 reports.

Do we install in your area?

See a map of our installation coverage

Champion’s got The Simple Solution™



Low-tone muffler design with custom
sound-baffling system.


24V starting system designed to operate
from -22º to 104º F.


No refueling, manual operation, or
extension cords needed.


Innovative gullwing enclosure for easy
installation and service.


Longest standard warranty on the
home standby market.

How To Choose A Home Standby Generator

1. Square Footage: How big is your home?

This determines what size generator you need:


Up to 1,500 ft2 with 3-ton AC

8.5 kW


1,500 - 3,000 ft2 with 4-ton AC

12.5 kW


3,000 - 4,000 ft2 with 5-ton AC

14 kW

2. Transfer Switch (included in your package): What do you want to power?

This determines the type of transfer switch you need:


Pre-selected circuits



Managed power for your entire home

ATS200 with Demand Control

How does the WHOLE HOUSE transfer switch with DEMAND CONTROL work?

Smaller generator, smarter switch.

The process of buying a home standby generator should be easy. That’s why we created The Simple Solution™.

Our engineers poured over a large sampling of energy data from a broad cross-section of average American homes. They found that most homes throughout the day
rarely exceed an electrical demand of about 6,000W – even during peak periods.

Only during brief peak requirements that last only a few seconds (e.g. starting a central AC) does a home require more power. This is where Champion’s WHOLE HOUSE transfer switch takes over.

Your home’s circuits are divided into prioritized zones – from vital to managed. Through our DEMAND CONTROL intelligent load management technology, your home’s power requirements are monitored continuously. If your generator nears maximum capacity, pre-designated, high-demand appliances are briefly managed to avoid overload. As soon as demand lowers, the generator will automatically reacquire the appliances that are managed.


  1. This is totally dependent on the size (and power requirements) of your house and the size of the generator you are purchasing. It also depends on what you plan on running during an outage. The largest Champion generator will power most things you will want to run when the power is out as it is doubtful you will be using everything at once; that is why we recommend the on demand control ATS that comes with most of our packages. If you have a larger home and want to make sure everything you could ever need will run during a power outage, then we suggest you have one of our sales engineers come out and give you a custom quote for one of our larger residential generators. However, most of the larger systems start at around $25K. (Financing is available.)

We recommend to all of our clients that their generator AND ATS receive an annual service. This is important so that you can be sure your generator will run when you need it. A discounted annual service is available as an add on to all of our generator sales.

Yes, your generator will turn on automatically when your utility power is lost. That is the function of your ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). The installation of the switch is part of your purchase package.

Champion generators are one of the quietest in the industry; and actually, more quiet than most lawnmowers.

Permits vary by city and county and are dependent upon where you live. However, as part of our purchase package we will obtain any needed permits for you and just charge you the actual fees charged by your local municipality.

Our installation package includes the installation cost for running 10 feet of electrical and 10 feet of natural gas or propane plumbing to your generator so the best place for the installation would be no further than 10 feet from your electrical box and 10 feet from and accessible gas line. There also needs to be space around your generator – we have developed a diagram that shows you how much space is needed around your generator. However, the installation location may be dependent on the zoning laws of your local municipality.

Our installation package includes up to 10 feet of electrical and up to 10 feet of natural gas or propane plumping. The tie into your electrical box and installation of the ATS switch, the tie in to your natural gas/ or propane, pulling needed permits and the preparation of the area where your generator will reside. (We will create a gravel or concrete pad.)

Champion has a generous 10 year warranty plan and as long as your generator is serviced annually you should not anticipate any issues.

Champion generators run on either natural gas or propane. The larger home generators available by a custom quote only; can also run on diesel.

Need something bigger than what we have talked about above? No problem! Just request a custom quote.