Entrance to LAX airport with palm trees and an overpass behind the sign "LAX."

What Can We Learn from LAX’s June 5 Blackout?

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Like LAX’s malfunctioning ATS (auto transfer switch), a tiny switch that accidentally caused one of the longest blackouts and most frustrated group of travelers in LAX history earlier this month. You’ve probably heard the details of those chaotic four hours on June 5: the instant, airport-wide darkness that shocked both LAX travelers and staff, the […]

Servicing Your Automatic Transfer Switch

Servicing Your Automatic Transfer Switch Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance When you are servicing an Automatic Transfer Switch the first thing you should do is a visual inspection. Look for telltale signs of a loose cable which would be discolored on the lux (you don’t need an infrared gun to tell that). Tighten up all the connections. We want to go through the […]

What Goes Wrong With an ATS?

What goes wrong with an ATS?   What goes wrong with an ATS Switch? Continuing our series on the ATS let us help answer the question – What goes wrong with an ATS? On a transfer switch service almost anything can go wrong. Generally it’s wire connections or a coil relay (something that has malfunctioned). some micro switches that are involved in travel on the mechanism […]

Businesses That Benefit From an ATS

Businesses and Public Services that Benefit from an ATS What do government buildings, factories, hospitals, restaurants and schools have in common? This is not a trick question. But the answer might surprise you. All five of these are businesses and/or public services that require a continuous application of power.  Consider what might happen, for example, if a hospital were to suddenly shut […]