Champion home generator in the back yard of a home with a patio, patio furniture and outdoor lights.

Is Buying a Home Generator Worth it?

Oftentimes the value of something is intangible. An heirloom that isn’t worth much could hold sentimental value for you, or a practical item like an old cast iron pan that didn’t cost much might be your prized possession. With our home investments, value can also be subjective. For a swimmer, adding a pool is a priority. Or, like many homeowners in the […]

Scenic promenade with lighthouse and palms.

“Buy Local” Generators? Why It Makes Sense for SoCal Homes

Did you know that “buy local” can apply to standby home generators as well as fresh organic fruit?  If you’re in Southern California, that is. At Santa Fe Springs near Los Angeles, Champion Generators manufactures some of the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and reliable standby home generators on the market.  Since we began selling and installing Champion home standby generators in 2019, we’ve […]

Exterior of a Champion home generator with moisture on the surface.

Why Champion? 7 Reasons It’s All About You

Now that we’re providing and installing Champion home generators for all home sizes, we often get asked, “Why Champion generators in particular? What makes them so unique?” Erik and Shana Duthie asked the same two questions a year ago. That’s when they, with the Duthie team, decided to sell and install smaller home generators (in addition to the larger home generators they’d […]

Champion residential generator in the foreground of a private, suburban home at night.

Why Get a Home Generator? Duthie Customers Give 5 Reasons

“If you live in an area with frequent (more than three times a year) or lengthy (more than several hours) blackouts, then a standby generator becomes more of a necessity than a simple convenience.” Popular Mechanics Standby Generators- Do You Need a Standby Generator? Californians aren’t taking electricity for granted any more. Not with headlines and statistics like these: Pacific Gas & […]

Screenshot of the Duthie Power Services website page for purchasing residential home generators.

Duthie Power Services Launches Residential Line of Generators for Smaller Homes

Today, Duthie Power announces the launch of a new business division targeting middle-class residential homes. LONG BEACH, CALIF. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 09, 2019 Duthie Power Services, the Generator Experts, is known for selling and maintaining residential generators, primarily for high-end homes in exclusive areas. Today, Duthie Power announces the launch of a new business division targeting middle-class residential homes. “At Duthie, we knew that […]