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How I bring a personalized approach to assisting customers

Guest post by Duthie Power Sales Engineer, Garrett Talbott. Before COVID, I would start my day catching up on emails and phone calls, then head into the field for onsite visits. Meeting face-to-face gave me the opportunity to listen to customers and work through all the necessary details to ensure our services would meet their needs. It felt as “personalized” as it […]

How do I describe my career? “Being of Service.”

  I’m the type of guy who likes to roll up my sleeves and fix things, plus I love helping people. I’ve been this way since I was kid. When I was a teenager, I rebuilt engines and wanted to be an auto technician (fix things). I also sold tools over the phone and had a stint at Pizza Hut (helping people). […]

Desktop monitor and cell phone screen showing log in to Schedule Engine scheduling portal for Duthie Power customers.

Schedule Engine App Allows Duthie Power Customers to Easily Book Service Visits – And More

Since Duthie Power implemented Schedule Engine’s self-serve electrical service booking software in 2019, booking a generator service visit has been as easy for their customers as ordering takeout. Both residential and commercial Duthie clients have praised how Schedule Engine’s text message alerts, photo uploading capabilities, and convenient online scheduling make it easy to keep up with crucial generator maintenance.  “Adopting Schedule Engine’s […]

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What I’ve Learned from Implementing CRM in a Small Family-Owned Company

“I just kind of fell into this career.” I’ve heard that from so many professionals, regardless of the industry. Except, oftentimes that isn’t exactly the case. Sometimes, all it takes is telling a story from our childhood to realize our career might not be an accident at all. Take me, it didn’t seem funny when a particularly nasty El Nino storm made […]

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Here’s Our Secret to 176% Sweeter Customer Experience

There’s no sugarcoating this: our customers say that we’ve improved their customer experience by an amazing 176% since 2016. And not only that — on our 2019 NetPromoter survey, they said that our team scores a perfect 5/5 for quality of service! Check out how we were able to improve customer service. Please forgive the multiple exclamation points — we’re very excited […]

24/7 means 24/7 for Duthie Power’s Emergency Services

Natural disasters and power outages never come at a convenient time. As the number one name in Southern California's generator service market for over 50 years, Duthie Power has seen many disasters. That’s why Duthie Power’s Emergency Response Team can be counted on 24/7, 365 days a year to restore backup emergency power with one of the largest generator rental fleets in [...]