The Duthie Power Services family of employees standing next to generator service trucks.

What’s in a Name? We’re D-U-T-H-I-E

We’ve heard all the variations on our name: “Duffy Power?” No. That’s the name of a 60’s British Blues and Rock singer. “Doothie Power?” (It’s pronounced Duh-thie, just think like, “oh duh”) “Oh! Like those electric Duffy boats?” To be clear, there is no “f” in Duthie. Even if you mistakenly search for “Dothie Power Services,” Google will politely ask “Did you […]

How do I describe my career? “Being of Service.”

  I’m the type of guy who likes to roll up my sleeves and fix things, plus I love helping people. I’ve been this way since I was kid. When I was a teenager, I rebuilt engines and wanted to be an auto technician (fix things). I also sold tools over the phone and had a stint at Pizza Hut (helping people). […]

Duthie Power employee spotlight picture of Karen Fic with group picture of Duthie staff in background.

15 Years at Duthie: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t

An interview with Duthie Office Manager, Karen Fic Whether calling into Duthie Power or visiting our offices, I am the first person to welcome you into our business. It’s a privilege I’ve enjoyed for many years, as our business has grown to include more staff and more ways to serve our customers. And when I say, “welcome you into our business,” I […]

Customer relationship management concept background. CRM vector illustration. Company Strategy Planning. Business Data Analysis.

What I’ve Learned from Implementing CRM in a Small Family-Owned Company

“I just kind of fell into this career.” I’ve heard that from so many professionals, regardless of the industry. Except, oftentimes that isn’t exactly the case. Sometimes, all it takes is telling a story from our childhood to realize our career might not be an accident at all. Take me, it didn’t seem funny when a particularly nasty El Nino storm made […]

Duthie staff gathered together in celebration.

Staff Spotlight: What’s it Like to Work at Duthie?

You probably chose Duthie because our friendly staff works hard to make your generator — and all processes related to it — run smoothly.  These unsung heroes deserve to be better known and celebrated, so that’s what we’re doing with our brand-new Staff Spotlight series. New for 2021, this series will highlight the backbone of Duthie’s 55+ year growth: our diverse team […]

Hand holding a wooden block that says "A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Business Strategy of All."

Effective Sales Strategy: What’s Still Precedented (When Everything Else Isn’t)

This time last year, I was walking around downtown San Diego knocking on doors with a folder full of business cards, line cards and Duthie screwdrivers. Today I’m sitting at home, sifting through spreadsheets, typing up emails, and making phone calls to do the exact same job: make more contacts and close more sales. Even so, my team and I have still […]