The Duthie Power Services family of employees standing next to generator service trucks.

What’s in a Name? We’re D-U-T-H-I-E

We’ve heard all the variations on our name: “Duffy Power?” No. That’s the name of a 60’s British Blues and Rock singer. “Doothie Power?” (It’s pronounced Duh-thie, just think like, “oh duh”) “Oh! Like those electric Duffy boats?” To be clear, there is no “f” in Duthie. Even if you mistakenly search for “Dothie Power Services,” Google will politely ask “Did you […]

Engineer checking industrial generator fire control system, Diesel engine fire pump controller

I Switched from being behind a desk to being in the field. And I haven’t looked back.

The latest installment in our Spotlight Blog Series features long-time Generator Technician- Neil Dao. It seems people these days don’t just get new jobs over the course of their career. They often switch the career itself several times. I get it. I started out as a linguistics and computer science graduate from UCLA. For many computer science majors, the dream is to […]