Duthie Power generator technician servicing an emergency power suppy system.

Duthie Power Services and Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) keep Southern California Online during Power Outages

Duthie Power is proud to announce they are partnering with Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) to offer their uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to Southern California’s generator customers. This pairing of services and goods ensures property managers and business owners won’t experience a delay between the power going out and backup power turning on during a power outage. When the power goes out, what […]

Freeway sign on an empty highway saying "New Normal Just Ahead."

What’s the New Normal for Generator Maintenance?

There’s a new normal for everything these days, and generator maintenance is no exception.   Limited staff, irregular building access, and financial uncertainty have made generator maintenance a challenge for several of our customers. In some cases, a furloughed site engineer means that another staff member is now responsible for maintaining equipment that they never needed to know about pre-pandemic.  So we’ve recently […]

How Can a Dog-Friendly Office Help Your Business?

If you’ve visited our office, you’ve almost certainly seen at least one of our “Dogs of Duthie” spreading good cheer. Perhaps it was the one-eyed pug Winking Winston sleeping on his zebra pillow, his brother Jeffrey “the Two-Eyed Terror” trotting up to greet you, or Sunny the Golden Retriever puppy playing fetch. Even if you haven’t seen a “Dog of Duthie” at […]

When a Generator Company Loses Power

When a Generator Company Loses Power   On January 16th, 2019 California was experiencing one of the most cumulative rain storms in its recent history. The storm caused major flooding, traffic accidents and power outages all over the state. Of course with any natural disaster or extreme weather, preparedness can often soften the blow of any of these events. Contrary to the […]

Duthie Power Services Opens San Diego Office and Increases Staff

Duthie Power Services Opens San Diego Office and Increases Staff LONG BEACH, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 31, 2019 Generator experts, Duthie Power Services, have opened a new office in Escondido, San Diego County putting their services in the heart of San Diego. Many of Duthie’s customers in the Los Angeles and Orange County area were anxiously awaiting the move south, even though Duthie Power […]