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“Buy Local” Generators? Why It Makes Sense for SoCal Homes

Did you know that “buy local” can apply to standby home generators as well as fresh organic fruit?  If you’re in Southern California, that is. At Santa Fe Springs near Los Angeles, Champion Generators manufactures some of the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and reliable standby home generators on the market.  Since we began selling and installing Champion home standby generators in 2019, we’ve […]

Champion home generator installed near the side garden of a house.

Checklist: Is Your Standby Home Generator Ready For a Blackout?

The current social distancing rules in California mean that reliable home electricity matters more than ever. Remote work, family entertainment, and connection to the outside world now require reliable 24/7 home electricity.  Unfortunately, California’s electric infrastructure is not the most reliable; many Californians have experienced the increasing number and length of recent blackouts.  That means it’s time to ensure that your standby […]

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Infographic: Should I Get a Portable or a Standby Home Generator?

Californians are increasingly realizing the importance of having an independent power source. Home generators provide not only electricity for essential household operations, but also much-needed security and peace of mind.  As homeowners decide on their new generator, one of the first questions they ask is:  Should I Get a Portable or Standby Generator?  We’ve created this portable vs standby generator infographic to […]

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What Size Home Generator Do I Need? Find Out in 5 Simple Steps

Goldilocks had to choose from three beds: too big, too small, and just right.  Homeowners buying a generator face the same decision, but more so.  While Goldilocks could have rested just fine in a too-big or too-small bed, neither was going to cost her more to run (a too-big generator) or make her lose electricity just when she needed it most (a […]

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Why Get a Home Generator? Duthie Customers Give 5 Reasons

“If you live in an area with frequent (more than three times a year) or lengthy (more than several hours) blackouts, then a standby generator becomes more of a necessity than a simple convenience.” Popular Mechanics Standby Generators- Do You Need a Standby Generator? Californians aren’t taking electricity for granted any more. Not with headlines and statistics like these: Pacific Gas & […]

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What We Did For Thanksgiving – During a 3-Day Power Outage

By Korry Talbott, Marketing Associate for Duthie Power This is what Lake Arrowhead usually looks like. So when I drove to my parent’s mountain cottage in Running Springs, I couldn’t wait to celebrate a sunlit Thanksgiving among the same towering pine forests, blue skies, and stunning mountain views we’d enjoyed for years.  But this Thanksgiving was different.  Really different. Instead of basking […]