Champion home standby generator installed in front of a rural cabin at night.

What Size Home Generator Do I Need? Find Out in 5 Simple Steps

Goldilocks had to choose from three beds: too big, too small, and just right.  Homeowners buying a generator face the same decision, but more so.  While Goldilocks could have rested just fine in a too-big or too-small bed, neither was going to cost her more to run (a too-big generator) or make her lose electricity just when she needed it most (a […]

Champion residential generator in the foreground of a private, suburban home at night.

Why Get a Home Generator? Duthie Customers Give 5 Reasons

“If you live in an area with frequent (more than three times a year) or lengthy (more than several hours) blackouts, then a standby generator becomes more of a necessity than a simple convenience.” Popular Mechanics Standby Generators- Do You Need a Standby Generator? Californians aren’t taking electricity for granted any more. Not with headlines and statistics like these: Pacific Gas & […]

Lakeside homes in a winter storm.

What We Did For Thanksgiving – During a 3-Day Power Outage

By Korry Talbott, Marketing Associate for Duthie Power This is what Lake Arrowhead usually looks like. So when I drove to my parent’s mountain cottage in Running Springs, I couldn’t wait to celebrate a sunlit Thanksgiving among the same towering pine forests, blue skies, and stunning mountain views we’d enjoyed for years.  But this Thanksgiving was different.  Really different. Instead of basking […]