Screenshot of Duthie Power's newly redesigned webpage for home generator sales with a graphic of a finger clicking on the web address.

Announcing a newly redesigned Residential Generator web page on Duthie Power’s website!

  Duthie Power Services is proud to announce the debut of a newly redesigned webpage devoted to home generator sales. With the recent growth of their residential sales division, the Duthie marketing team set out to create a webpage that provides homeowners with all the information they need to secure the right kind of backup power for their home.   Featuring newly-produced […]

Champion home generator in the back yard of a home with a patio, patio furniture and outdoor lights.

Is Buying a Home Generator Worth it?

Oftentimes the value of something is intangible. An heirloom that isn’t worth much could hold sentimental value for you, or a practical item like an old cast iron pan that didn’t cost much might be your prized possession. With our home investments, value can also be subjective. For a swimmer, adding a pool is a priority. Or, like many homeowners in the […]

Caricature of Duthie Power Sales Engineer Pete Thornton, the face of Duthie's website feature, "Ask Pete!"

Duthie Power Services launches “Ask Pete!” – a website feature dedicated to answering consumers’ questions about generators

Remember It was the go-to website to submit questions before we had Google, Alexa, Siri and a whole host of other online resources for getting quick answers. We still have – the modern version of its earlier Jeeves alter ego – but it’s one of many, many websites you can turn to for answers to general questions. So how do […]

Category 5 super typhoon from outer space view. The eye of the hurricane.

What Hurricane Season Means for the Generator Supply Chain

Depending on where you live in the United States, there are seasons beyond summer, fall, winter and spring of which you’re aware- we now have seasons for extreme weather events. While one region may seem unaffected by these weather events – tornadoes, fires, hurricanes – our globalized economy can create supply chain issues that affect consumers everywhere. On the west coast, fire […]

photo depicting the person who focuses on the target while leaping between two cliffs in silhouette against a sunset.

I Switched from Accounting to Sales. Advice: Take the Plunge!

For years, I worked in my company’s accounting department – until one day they presented me with an opportunity to sell home generators instead. It felt like a big leap at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the generator business, but I was more familiar with behind-the-scenes numbers than with the sales process. So, taking the plunge, last year I […]

Home standby generator just outside of a home by greenery underneath a porch and windows.

Duthie Power Expands Affordable Payment Options for Home Generators

To help Californian homeowners prepare for the upcoming fire season and its ensuing blackouts, Duthie Power has partnered with financial services company Synchrony to expand their financial options for residential generators.  “Making the investments you need for emergency preparedness should be within reach, not a luxury,” says Karen Cooper, residential sales specialist at Duthie Power. “As Californian homeowners ourselves, we’re both sensitive […]