Home standby generator just outside of a home by greenery underneath a porch and windows.

Duthie Power Expands Affordable Payment Options for Home Generators

To help Californian homeowners prepare for the upcoming fire season and its ensuing blackouts, Duthie Power has partnered with financial services company Synchrony to expand their financial options for residential generators.  “Making the investments you need for emergency preparedness should be within reach, not a luxury,” says Karen Cooper, residential sales specialist at Duthie Power. “As Californian homeowners ourselves, we’re both sensitive […]

Exterior of a Champion home generator with moisture on the surface.

Why Champion? 7 Reasons It’s All About You

Now that we’re providing and installing Champion home generators for all home sizes, we often get asked, “Why Champion generators in particular? What makes them so unique?” Erik and Shana Duthie asked the same two questions a year ago. That’s when they, with the Duthie team, decided to sell and install smaller home generators (in addition to the larger home generators they’d […]

Champion residential generator in the foreground of a private, suburban home at night.

Why Get a Home Generator? Duthie Customers Give 5 Reasons

“If you live in an area with frequent (more than three times a year) or lengthy (more than several hours) blackouts, then a standby generator becomes more of a necessity than a simple convenience.” Popular Mechanics Standby Generators- Do You Need a Standby Generator? Californians aren’t taking electricity for granted any more. Not with headlines and statistics like these: Pacific Gas & […]