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Duthie Power: Our Biggest Outage

Duthie Power: Our Biggest Outage

San Diego Power Outage 2011: Our Biggest Outage

The Power outage in San Diego in 2011 – that was probably the largest outage we have had to deal with.

We have over 20 technicians in the service department, and six in the rental department. Depending on how many different events there are, we can handle five major events at one time.

We sent about 90% of our crew down there with generators – as well as hiring outside trucking companies that haul generators down. Then our guys rode around and hooked them all up.

Companies that did not have power, we brought power to them and companies that had generators that didn’t start, we had service technicians go out and see if there was an easy fix to get them going again.

That is another lesson why you should maintain your equipment/generators – just that reason!

For more information on what you should do if there is a power outage, give us a call at 1-800-899-3931. You can also request a service quote online.

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