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Fuel Tank Replacement

Fuel Tank Replacement Hi, I'm Peter Thornton with Duthie Power Services, also known as “Ask Pete” on our website. Most generators that we sell today, the fuel tank is in the base of the generator, so its placement is wherever that generator is set. But that’s not always the case. The biggest reason for keeping the fuel tank close to the generator [...]

How to Measure Fuel in a Commercial Generator

How to Measure Fuel in a Commercial Generator Hi, I'm Peter Thornton with Duthie Power Services, also known as “Ask Pete” on our website. The question that I'm being presented with is - can the average person measure fuel consumption on their generator? The answer is no, but there are many websites that give you a chart to figure out what that [...]

Home Generator vs Commercial Generator

Home Generator vs Commercial Generator Are home backup power generators like their commercial counterparts or are they very different machines? Peter Thornton, one of Duthie Power Services’ Sales Engineers as well as Ask Pete from our website, explains the differences and similarities between a home generator and an industrial generator. Hint! They’re not all that different. Both have the same setup and [...]

Turnkey Installations for Emergency Power Equipment

What’s your preference when it comes to installing emergency power equipment? Do you want to make one phone call and have every detail managed by a single vendor or do you like to take the reins and find multiple vendors for each component? It’s a personal preference, really, dependent on your budget and resources, not least of which is time. Trust is [...]

Generator Maintenance Checklist

It’s a trust exercise any time we hire an outside expert for service. Whether it’s diagnosing an issue with your laptop, inspecting your auto brakes, or in quarterly maintenance appointments for a backup generator, we trust that the technician will cover all bases. Duthie Power Services prides itself on the knowledge base in our team of technicians, so we asked the team [...]

Benefits of Load Bank Testing

A load bank test is a vital exercise that validates the proper operation of a generator. What makes load bank testing so essential? Duthie Power Sales Engineer Mike Goodman previously outlined its importance in a Duthie Power video, but we asked Account Manager and former senior generator technician Chris Metz to add his expertise to this topic. Why do you need to […]

Should I Fix or Replace my Generator?

Duthie Power Sales Engineer Pete Thornton, aka “Ask Pete,” held an educational session at our 2022 Customer Appreciation Day discussing the age-old question: should I fix or replace my generator? Fixing a generator may seem like the prudent choice when budgets are tight, but you run the risk of paying more in the long run to keep an aging generator running. Below […]

Bad Fuel is Bad News for your Backup Generator

Unlike your car engine, a generator is not something that gets used regularly; however, it still has an engine that needs both exercise and maintenance to ensure your generator will operate optimally in an emergency. A common culprit for malfunction is when the diesel fuel has gone bad, but what exactly is “bad fuel” and how does it affect a generator? What […]

Infographic: Planning your Generator Maintenance Budget

Regularly scheduled generator maintenance is an important part of ensuring your emergency supply system is ready when you need it. We covered why you need a generator maintenance budget in a previous blog. Check out the below infographic for a quick guide to what to prioritize in your generator maintenance budget.

Home Standby Generator Installation Timeline

Purchasing a home standby generator unit is just the start of a project that can take six months to complete. Our timeline walks you through the most common factors that lead to delays in the home generator installation process. Luckily, supply isn’t an issue at Duthie Power Services. We have a variety of home backup power solutions in stock to fit your […]

Duthie Employee Spotlight: Meet Sal Hernandez

If you’ve ever worked with Duthie Power’s Rentals Department, you’ve no doubt met Sal Hernandez. A self-professed “jack of all trades” guy, Sal has been sharing his hustle and creativity with Duthie Power since 2006. And hustle and creativity are necessary in the rentals department where emergency calls can come at any hour, any day.   Before Duthie, Sal worked to set […]

How I bring a personalized approach to assisting customers

Guest post by Duthie Power Sales Engineer, Garrett Talbott. Before COVID, I would start my day catching up on emails and phone calls, then head into the field for onsite visits. Meeting face-to-face gave me the opportunity to listen to customers and work through all the necessary details to ensure our services would meet their needs. It felt as “personalized” as it […]

How to Schedule Generator Service Online with Duthie Power

Scheduling generator repair services are easier than ever with Duthie Power’s online scheduling tool. Click on ‘Schedule’ in the website header to submit your request and our team will follow up shortly.

Top Considerations for Home Generator Purchases

You’ve decided this is the last fire season you’re going to bank on luck to avoid disaster, so what do you prioritize in your emergency preparedness plan? Many Californians already keep a “go bag” by their door in case “The Big One” earthquake hits or they need to evacuate in a rush due to fire. But there’s another scenario to consider – […]

The Importance of Subcontractors

  Any business owner will tell you that the strength of your business lies in the strength of your business relationships. Whether it be with clients, vendors, subcontractors or even the government, the more you foster trust and respect within business relationships, the more your services stand out amongst the competition. Let’s look at the importance of subcontracting in this article.   […]

Why you need to buy a Home Generator this year

A guest blog from Duthie Power Sales Engineer, Pete Thornton, aka “Ask Pete.”   I had the honor of being on KFI AM 640’s show, “At Home with Dean Sharp,” hosted by the House Whisperer himself, Dean Sharp, every Sunday. Dean invited me as a special guest to discuss Duthie Power’s involvement in home emergency generators. We had a spirited conversation about […]

Power Packs at the Port

Long Beach is connected to two major West Coast ports: The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. These global shipping hubs are major operations with whom Duthie Power has contracted for everything from motor rewinding to EPSS emergency power maintenance and repair. Our parallel histories with the ports reflect the evolution of shipping’s technology alongside Duthie Power’s growth […]

What’s in a Name? We’re D-U-T-H-I-E

We’ve heard all the variations on our name: “Duffy Power?” No. That’s the name of a 60’s British Blues and Rock singer. “Doothie Power?” (It’s pronounced Duh-thie, just think like, “oh duh”) “Oh! Like those electric Duffy boats?” To be clear, there is no “f” in Duthie. Even if you mistakenly search for “Dothie Power Services,” Google will politely ask “Did you […]

How do I describe my career? “Being of Service.”

  I’m the type of guy who likes to roll up my sleeves and fix things, plus I love helping people. I’ve been this way since I was kid. When I was a teenager, I rebuilt engines and wanted to be an auto technician (fix things). I also sold tools over the phone and had a stint at Pizza Hut (helping people). […]

Duthie Power Services Partners with Trystar to Provide Customers with Manual Transfer Switches

Part of Duthie Power Services’ success as Southern California’s generator experts stems from building valuable relationships in the emergency power industry for over fifty years. Trystar, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of power distribution equipment, is one such partner Duthie is proud to announce will be helping the Duthie Power team provide customers with manual transfer switches.   American-made and built to last in […]

Everything you need to know about Public Safety Power Shutoffs

  Southern California residents are aware of the unique “seasons” we experience here- June gloom, fire season, Santa Ana winds– but in recent years the timelines for these weather events are getting stretched or occurring at altogether surprising times. Take the Santa Anas, an annual wind evoking plenty of regional folklore and allergies galore, that typically start in October but whose season […]

Announcing a newly redesigned Residential Generator web page on Duthie Power’s website!

  Duthie Power Services is proud to announce the debut of a newly redesigned webpage devoted to home generator sales. With the recent growth of their residential sales division, the Duthie marketing team set out to create a webpage that provides homeowners with all the information they need to secure the right kind of backup power for their home.   Featuring newly-produced […]

Duthie Power Services Carries Champion Tri-Fuel Portable Generators

Duthie Power Services now has in stock 10kW Champion Tri-Fuel Portable Generators, offering Southern California homeowners a range of options for home generators. Duthie Power has over fifty-five years in the generator industry, providing businesses and property managers everything from brand new industrial generator installation to regular maintenance and genset services. The expansion into residential generators has been a success for a […]

Duthie Power Services and Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) keep Southern California Online during Power Outages

Duthie Power is proud to announce they are partnering with Computer Protection Technology, Inc. (CPT) to offer their uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to Southern California’s generator customers. This pairing of services and goods ensures property managers and business owners won’t experience a delay between the power going out and backup power turning on during a power outage. When the power goes out, what […]

Is Buying a Home Generator Worth it?

Oftentimes the value of something is intangible. An heirloom that isn’t worth much could hold sentimental value for you, or a practical item like an old cast iron pan that didn’t cost much might be your prized possession. With our home investments, value can also be subjective. For a swimmer, adding a pool is a priority. Or, like many homeowners in the […]

Duthie Power Services launches “Ask Pete!” – a website feature dedicated to answering consumers’ questions about generators

Remember AskJeeves.com? It was the go-to website to submit questions before we had Google, Alexa, Siri and a whole host of other online resources for getting quick answers. We still have Ask.com – the modern version of its earlier Jeeves alter ego – but it’s one of many, many websites you can turn to for answers to general questions. So how do […]

What Hurricane Season Means for the Generator Supply Chain

Depending on where you live in the United States, there are seasons beyond summer, fall, winter and spring of which you’re aware- we now have seasons for extreme weather events. While one region may seem unaffected by these weather events – tornadoes, fires, hurricanes – our globalized economy can create supply chain issues that affect consumers everywhere. On the west coast, fire […]

How to Prepare for our Electrical Future

I’ve been in the energy industry for a long time. And I haven’t seen anything like what happened this last year. Working from home, or remotely, we rapidly became very dependent on our power and digital communication tools. Even a “seasoned” professional like myself learned to quickly adopt Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Sugar CRM and PandaDoc. With that rapid growth has come greater […]

I Switched from Accounting to Sales. Advice: Take the Plunge!

For years, I worked in my company’s accounting department – until one day they presented me with an opportunity to sell home generators instead. It felt like a big leap at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the generator business, but I was more familiar with behind-the-scenes numbers than with the sales process. So, taking the plunge, last year I […]

15 Years at Duthie: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t

An interview with Duthie Office Manager, Karen Fic Whether calling into Duthie Power or visiting our offices, I am the first person to welcome you into our business. It’s a privilege I’ve enjoyed for many years, as our business has grown to include more staff and more ways to serve our customers. And when I say, “welcome you into our business,” I […]

I Switched from being behind a desk to being in the field. And I haven’t looked back.

The latest installment in our Spotlight Blog Series features long-time Generator Technician- Neil Dao. It seems people these days don’t just get new jobs over the course of their career. They often switch the career itself several times. I get it. I started out as a linguistics and computer science graduate from UCLA. For many computer science majors, the dream is to […]

What I’ve Learned from 50+ Years’ Experience: If You Want Business Growth, Prioritize Your Employees

Guest blog from Duthie Power’s Karen Herlitz When I was growing up on a Pennsylvania farm, I had no idea that I’d be among the first commercial computer programmers – mostly because they barely existed in the 1960’s.  In fact, my college didn’t even offer computer programming courses, so I enrolled in the Control Data Institute to learn several computer languages. And […]

Everything You Need to Know about Rental Generators

Q & A with Generator Rental Manager Sal Hernandez Like insurance, most people don’t think about rental generators until they have to use them. So when your electric company announces a planned blackout – or, heaven forbid, it’s 2 a.m. and your power’s suddenly gone – here’s our guide to keeping your building’s lights on with a no-fuss, no-hassle generator rental.  We […]

Duthie Power Expands Affordable Payment Options for Home Generators

To help Californian homeowners prepare for the upcoming fire season and its ensuing blackouts, Duthie Power has partnered with financial services company Synchrony to expand their financial options for residential generators.  “Making the investments you need for emergency preparedness should be within reach, not a luxury,” says Karen Cooper, residential sales specialist at Duthie Power. “As Californian homeowners ourselves, we’re both sensitive […]

How Can Remote Generator Monitoring Cut Expensive Emergency Service Visits in Half?

Your smartphone’s probably monitoring something remotely — and for good reason. For many years, we’ve been able to get instant and often crucial updates on our health, homes, and even cars via remote monitoring and diagnosis.  Now you can keep your generator ready for action the same way. Remotely monitoring generator performance prevents many expensive issues before they even occur, and keeps […]

What’s a Generator Doing There?! 4 Far-Out Places We’ve Installed Generators

  On top of a high-rise, in the middle of a cliff, on a mountaintop so remote that you need 4-wheel drive to reach it – in his 38 years at Duthie, Sales Engineer Mike Goodman’s seen Duthie technicians install and service equipment in almost any imaginable generator location. “Honestly, we have no limitations on our ability to service generators,” he says. […]

What 38 Years Dispatching Emergency Power Teams has Taught Me About Being Prepared

I’ve been with Duthie Power for 38 years — so long that it wasn’t a generator servicer, but an electric motor shop when I started! Since then I’ve managed the Duthie service department throughout many of Southern California’s emergencies: earthquakes, fires, rain, mudslides, and more. Whatever was thrown at us weather-wise, I was in charge of getting the technicians where they needed […]

Schedule Engine App Allows Duthie Power Customers to Easily Book Service Visits – And More

Since Duthie Power implemented Schedule Engine’s self-serve electrical service booking software in 2019, booking a generator service visit has been as easy for their customers as ordering takeout. Both residential and commercial Duthie clients have praised how Schedule Engine’s text message alerts, photo uploading capabilities, and convenient online scheduling make it easy to keep up with crucial generator maintenance.  “Adopting Schedule Engine’s […]

What I’ve Learned from Implementing CRM in a Small Family-Owned Company

“I just kind of fell into this career.” I’ve heard that from so many professionals, regardless of the industry. Except, oftentimes that isn’t exactly the case. Sometimes, all it takes is telling a story from our childhood to realize our career might not be an accident at all. Take me, it didn’t seem funny when a particularly nasty El Nino storm made […]

Why Should I Have a Generator Maintenance Budget?

Like any equipment, generators need some TLC from time to time. In fact, it’s the law: NFPA 110 mandates that your generator equipment be professionally serviced according to their standards for fire safety equipment. This means that the cost of regular service visits should be part of your generator budget. So what should you set aside for your annual generator maintenance budget?  To […]

Moving forward in 2021 with Duthie Power

Each year, Duthie Power Services VP of Operations, Erik Duthie, takes a moment to reflect on the year we completed and look at the year ahead. 2020 was, to use a word we’ve all heard over and over again, truly unprecedented. We are grateful to continue to serve our clients and all of Southern California, ensuring your power stays on at a […]

Staff Spotlight: What’s it Like to Work at Duthie?

You probably chose Duthie because our friendly staff works hard to make your generator — and all processes related to it — run smoothly.  These unsung heroes deserve to be better known and celebrated, so that’s what we’re doing with our brand-new Staff Spotlight series. New for 2021, this series will highlight the backbone of Duthie’s 55+ year growth: our diverse team […]

Effective Sales Strategy: What’s Still Precedented (When Everything Else Isn’t)

This time last year, I was walking around downtown San Diego knocking on doors with a folder full of business cards, line cards and Duthie screwdrivers. Today I’m sitting at home, sifting through spreadsheets, typing up emails, and making phone calls to do the exact same job: make more contacts and close more sales. Even so, my team and I have still […]

Duthie Power Partners with Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. to Provide High-Quality Industrial Generators

LONG BEACH, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 19, 2021 Massive businesses, ranging from medical facilities to high-end residences, can now be fully powered in a blackout by Duthie Power’s new offering: Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. high-quality industrial generators that range from 20 to 2000 kWe. “Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. generators come in a vast variety of price points and capabilities,” explains Erik Duthie, […]

A Generator for Christmas? Giving Peace of Mind to Your Loved Ones

On the outside, a generator gift doesn’t seem like the most romantic under-the-holly present ever. (Although some do look surprisingly sleek!) But in the darkest, coldest time of year (not to mention the wettest and dreariest), a generator means your loved ones can count on warmth and light. (As Duthie team member Korry discovered when a blizzard tore through her parents’ mountain […]

Thanksgiving Power Outage? 5 Ways to Have a Mouth-Watering Turkey Dinner Without Power

Finally, 2020 is almost over! It’s time to celebrate making it through this wild year, and for most of us that means a delightful roast turkey Thanksgiving dinner. Unless (as is all too common in California) the power goes out. Then it’s all too easy for a joyous day to morph into a wild scramble of trying to save the food. And […]

New Generator Manager? Here’s Answers to 5 Common Generator Questions 

COVID-19’s impact on the economy has sadly resulted in furloughs for many essential employees, including building and maintenance personnel.  We’ve noticed that many of our commercial customers are now shorter staffed — and that those newly in charge of generators might not even know where the generator is, much less how to care for it.  If this is you, we’re here to […]

Must-Know California Generator Regulations: Q & A with Kyle Michael

California’s commercial generator regulations help to keep people and businesses safe — but they’re not always the easiest read.  Which is why we often get questions from customers such as:  What am I required to do for servicing my generator? Am I required to test my ATS switches as well? How often, and how long, am I required to load-test my generator […]

Be Prepared: Keep Your Family & Work Powered During Fire Season

As you most likely know, California is suffering the worst fire season yet recorded. We at Duthie are shocked and saddened by this drastic damage to property, environment, and especially human lives along the West Coast.  As locals who raised our family in the San Bernardino County Mountains and experienced firsthand the Old Fire of 2003, we understand the tragedy that is […]

Press Release: Duthie Power Offers Honeywell Generators for Large Homes

[LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, October, 20, 2020]  Even the largest houses can be fully powered in a blackout by Duthie Power’s new offering: Honeywell generators for large homes in sizes from 16 kW—22 kW. “Previously we only offered smaller generators, just up to 14 kW,” explains Erik Duthie, General Manager of Duthie Power Services. “These are powerful enough for many small and medium […]

How Often Should I Test My RV Generator?

How Often Should I Test My RV Generator? RVs are the perfect 2020 way to travel. You can drive them anywhere in the lower 48 to enjoy spectacular destinations, with no worries about the COVID-19 hassles of hotels and airplanes. So it’s more important than ever to maintain and test your RV generator so that you know it’s ready to go — […]

Fuel Polishing: 6 Things You Need To Know

Like so many good things, diesel fuel doesn’t last forever. But fuel polishing can make it last a lot longer.  Why is this important?  Because left unused, generator fuel can go bad. And if your fuel goes bad, you’ll have not one but two new problems: First, you’ll have to pay for unnecessary new fuel.  Second, you’ll risk getting stuck in a […]

Facility Managers: Deduct 100% of a New Generator via the 2020 CARES Act

Some much-needed good news for facility managers: the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act now allows your company to completely write off a new generator purchase in 2020 and beyond.  So if your old industrial generator’s been a hassle but you aren’t sure if now’s the time to spring for a new one, rest assured. It is.  To understand […]

What’s the New Normal for Generator Maintenance?

There’s a new normal for everything these days, and generator maintenance is no exception.   Limited staff, irregular building access, and financial uncertainty have made generator maintenance a challenge for several of our customers. In some cases, a furloughed site engineer means that another staff member is now responsible for maintaining equipment that they never needed to know about pre-pandemic.  So we’ve recently […]

“Buy Local” Generators? Why It Makes Sense for SoCal Homes

Did you know that “buy local” can apply to standby home generators as well as fresh organic fruit?  If you’re in Southern California, that is. At Santa Fe Springs near Los Angeles, Champion Generators manufactures some of the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and reliable standby home generators on the market.  Since we began selling and installing Champion home standby generators in 2019, we’ve […]

Is Your A/C Eating Money? 8 Easy Ways to Shrink Your Electric Bills And Stay Cool

Congratulations! After a nerve-wracking spring for many (with unusually high instances of cabin fever), California’s finally made it to summer 2020.  This is an achievement worth celebrating: around April(ish, it got hard to remember months somewhere in there) even reaching summer may have occasionally seemed (to use the official word of Spring 2020) uncertain. So we Californians have more reason to revel […]

Checklist: Is Your Standby Home Generator Ready For a Blackout?

The current social distancing rules in California mean that reliable home electricity matters more than ever. Remote work, family entertainment, and connection to the outside world now require reliable 24/7 home electricity.  Unfortunately, California’s electric infrastructure is not the most reliable; many Californians have experienced the increasing number and length of recent blackouts.  That means it’s time to ensure that your standby […]

Why Champion? 7 Reasons It’s All About You

Now that we’re providing and installing Champion home generators for all home sizes, we often get asked, “Why Champion generators in particular? What makes them so unique?” Erik and Shana Duthie asked the same two questions a year ago. That’s when they, with the Duthie team, decided to sell and install smaller home generators (in addition to the larger home generators they’d […]

Infographic: Should I Get a Portable or a Standby Home Generator?

Californians are increasingly realizing the importance of having an independent power source. Home generators provide not only electricity for essential household operations, but also much-needed security and peace of mind.  As homeowners decide on their new generator, one of the first questions they ask is:  Should I Get a Portable or Standby Generator?  We’ve created this portable vs standby generator infographic to […]

Remote Work Days? Perfect for Less Expensive, More Convenient Generator Tests

Right now, there are a lot of empty business buildings in California.  This isn’t great news for anyone.  But someone at Duthie has found a small silver lining for businesses which, though their buildings remain empty, are able to conduct their major operations with remote teams.  According to Kyle Michael, Duthie’s head San Diego sales engineer, such businesses may now be in […]

“Now They Know Our Name” Duthie Power Celebrates One Year and 50 New Customers in San Diego

[ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA, April 17—] “A year ago, most San Diego generator owners didn’t even recognize the name ‘Duthie’,” remembers Kyle Michael, Duthie’s head San Diego sales engineer.  But as Duthie Power’s San Diego location celebrates its first anniversary, it also celebrates 50 new customers who soon recognized the team’s quick response time, painstaking work ethic, and affordable pricing.  “This achievement — 50 […]

What Size Home Generator Do I Need? Find Out in 5 Simple Steps

Goldilocks had to choose from three beds: too big, too small, and just right.  Homeowners buying a generator face the same decision, but more so.  While Goldilocks could have rested just fine in a too-big or too-small bed, neither was going to cost her more to run (a too-big generator) or make her lose electricity just when she needed it most (a […]

Why Get a Home Generator? Duthie Customers Give 5 Reasons

“If you live in an area with frequent (more than three times a year) or lengthy (more than several hours) blackouts, then a standby generator becomes more of a necessity than a simple convenience.” Popular Mechanics Standby Generators- Do You Need a Standby Generator? Californians aren’t taking electricity for granted any more. Not with headlines and statistics like these: Pacific Gas & […]

Finishing The Decade Strong: Our 4 Proudest 2019 Accomplishments

Happy 2020 to all our Duthie customers & fans!  We’ve got some great stuff planned for the Roaring ‘20s (2.0) & are excited to share it with you soon. But before we jump to the future, let’s take a quick look back to celebrate our hard-working team’s biggest 2019 achievements:   1. Hello San Diego! Thanks to our loyal customers, we kicked […]

What We Did For Thanksgiving – During a 3-Day Power Outage

By Korry Talbott, Marketing Associate for Duthie Power This is what Lake Arrowhead usually looks like. So when I drove to my parent’s mountain cottage in Running Springs, I couldn’t wait to celebrate a sunlit Thanksgiving among the same towering pine forests, blue skies, and stunning mountain views we’d enjoyed for years.  But this Thanksgiving was different.  Really different. Instead of basking […]

Duthie Power Services Launches Residential Line of Generators for Smaller Homes

Today, Duthie Power announces the launch of a new business division targeting middle-class residential homes. LONG BEACH, CALIF. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 09, 2019 Duthie Power Services, the Generator Experts, is known for selling and maintaining residential generators, primarily for high-end homes in exclusive areas. Today, Duthie Power announces the launch of a new business division targeting middle-class residential homes. “At Duthie, we knew that […]

Here’s Our Secret to 176% Sweeter Customer Experience

There’s no sugarcoating this: our customers say that we’ve improved their customer experience by an amazing 176% since 2016. And not only that — on our 2019 NetPromoter survey, they said that our team scores a perfect 5/5 for quality of service! Check out how we were able to improve customer service. Please forgive the multiple exclamation points — we’re very excited […]

Video: The Importance of Fuel Polishing

Diesel fuel does not last forever. You may not realize it, but diesel fuel has a shelf life. Over time, when left unused, it can grow stale and even turn bad. Fuel goes bad in equipment such as emergency generators which utilize fuel, but only infrequently as needed.  It occurs when water molecules from tank condensation bond with the diesel fuel, providing food for microbial growth, but can also happen when sludge, […]

What Can We Learn from NYC’s 2 Power Outages?

What’s worse than a blackout shutting down the largest city in America during a sizzling heat wave? Another blackout shutting down the largest city in America, during the same heat wave, barely one week after the first outage.  Just ask New Yorkers — it happened to them on July 13th and 21st, 2019.  Take 1: The Manhattan Blackout of July 13, 2019 […]

How to Keep Your House Cool Without Breaking the Bank

We previously covered troubleshooting for HVAC maintenance in a recent post, but we also know that there can be more to air conditioning than meets the eye. Sourced from an editor at Groom and Style, here are some tips on how to cool your house (or building) and save on your summer electric bill without completely breaking the bank. The hotter it […]

Save Time & Slay Paperwork with Our Customer Portal

If you’re a facility manager, you already know that there’s too little time and too much paperwork. The last thing you need is yet another pile of bills, invoices, or service call reminders to keep track of.  And this is especially true if you’re managing more than one site. If you’ve tried keeping all the files, records, bills and invoices — for […]

Three Time-Saving Tips for Busy Building Managers

The elevator’s stuck, the A/C needs a filter change, your staff is frantically cleaning up a spill, someone’s complaining about a “funny smell” in their workroom, and as the building manager, you’re on the hook for making everything better ASAP.  Sound familiar?  Let a few frantic days pile up like this, and many building managers find themselves running to put out fires […]

What Can We Learn from LAX’s June 5 Blackout?

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Like LAX’s malfunctioning ATS (auto transfer switch), a tiny switch that accidentally caused one of the longest blackouts and most frustrated group of travelers in LAX history earlier this month. You’ve probably heard the details of those chaotic four hours on June 5: the instant, airport-wide darkness that shocked both LAX travelers and staff, the […]

A Building Manager’s Quick Guide to Indoor Air Quality

A Building Manager’s Quick Guide to Indoor Air Quality Do you ever think about breathing? Probably not…until you have a stuffy nose, or allergies, or that tight feeling in the back of your throat, or you’re trying not to cough, or not to breathe in that weird smell from who knows where. Only then do you remember that breathing’s kind of a […]

The Ups & Downs of Elevator Maintenance

The Ups & Downs of Elevator Maintenance I don’t trust elevators. They’re always up to something. Sometimes that old joke hits too close to home (or whatever building you’re responsible for). Since most multi-level workplaces depend on elevators, a non-functioning elevator results in frustration, downtime, and inefficiency—not to mention possible liability for the company if anyone is injured. Even faulty but still-functioning […]

When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Building Emergency Plan Ready?

When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Building Emergency Plan Ready? People tend to assume that emergencies won’t happen in their building…despite regular reports of fires, floods, blackouts, and other disasters. But here at Duthie, we’ve helped our fair share of business through emergency situations—and we know they can happen to anyone. So while we’re mostly just at the scene to supply backup generators, our facility […]

Summer is Coming: 5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your A/C

Summer is Coming: 5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your A/C Everyone loves summer in California — but only if they have a cool, refreshing place to recover from the blazing sun. So the pressure’s on building managers to provide that chilled sanctuary via a sleek, reliable HVAC system. And since the heart of the cooling system is your A/C unit, keeping it in […]

Why You Need a Rental Generator During A Service

Why You Need a Rental Generator During A Service Why You Need Backup Power During A Generator Repair Service If you have a backup generator for “just in case” the power goes out, then it’s simply good business to rent a generator when you take yours offline for servicing or repairs. Without a backup generator in place, you’re putting your faith in […]

How Can a Dog-Friendly Office Help Your Business?

If you’ve visited our office, you’ve almost certainly seen at least one of our “Dogs of Duthie” spreading good cheer. Perhaps it was the one-eyed pug Winking Winston sleeping on his zebra pillow, his brother Jeffrey “the Two-Eyed Terror” trotting up to greet you, or Sunny the Golden Retriever puppy playing fetch. Even if you haven’t seen a “Dog of Duthie” at […]

Generators and AQMD Compliance

  Generator Certification Requirements and AQMD Compliance We run into a lot of customers asking about AQMD (Air Quality Management District) compliance and questions around generators in the market and if they are all AQMD compliant. The short answer is no – not all generators being used currently are AQMD compliant. The reason for this is that while many of them are old, they’re still allowed to […]

When a Generator Company Loses Power

When a Generator Company Loses Power   On January 16th, 2019 California was experiencing one of the most cumulative rain storms in its recent history. The storm caused major flooding, traffic accidents and power outages all over the state. Of course with any natural disaster or extreme weather, preparedness can often soften the blow of any of these events. Contrary to the […]

Duthie Power Services Opens San Diego Office and Increases Staff

Duthie Power Services Opens San Diego Office and Increases Staff LONG BEACH, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 31, 2019 Generator experts, Duthie Power Services, have opened a new office in Escondido, San Diego County putting their services in the heart of San Diego. Many of Duthie’s customers in the Los Angeles and Orange County area were anxiously awaiting the move south, even though Duthie Power […]

Looking Forward to 2019: A Message from Erik Duthie

We hope you had a great 2018, we know Duthie did. We have officially expanded into San Diego, with our first office opening in October. Our hearts go out to all the victims of the wild fires and floods this past year. We hope they recover from that, as we know we were busy refueling generators and providing back up power. Looking […]

Would Your Business Survive an Extended Power Outage?

What Would Happen to Your Business if it Lost Power for 48 Hours or More? Look to the NFPA 2019 Update   Access to power is like access to the air we breath – we don’t appreciate it until it’s gone. In the same way we all need breath to survive, your business needs electricity to survive. Without a regularly maintained backup […]

Duthie Power: Our Biggest Outage

Duthie Power: Our Biggest Outage San Diego Power Outage 2011: Our Biggest Outage The Power outage in San Diego in 2011 – that was probably the largest outage we have had to deal with. We have over 20 technicians in the service department, and six in the rental department. Depending on how many different events there are, we can handle five major […]

Which Generator Battery is Most Common?

Which Generator Battery is Most Common? Which Generator Start Battery is Most Common? Most generator service companies have a large stock of all the different sizes of batteries that are most commonly used in generator applications. For example, at Duthie we have 8D’s and 4D’s – these are used in our larger generators (typically 500 KW and above) and then we have […]

What is the difference between a 22KW and 2000KW Generator?

What is the difference between a 22KW and 2000KW Generator? What is the difference between 22kW generators and 2000kW generators? A 22KW diesel generator is a smaller piece of equipment that may be used at a small nursing home, small business or maybe a telecommunications site. They are really small as far as load capacity goes. That’s what we see out in […]

What is a Generator DPF?

What is a Generator DPF? What is a Generator Diesel Particulate Filter? The diesel particulate filter (DFP) is an aftermarket component used to lower the admission (output admission) of the diesel engine. A lot of times this is required by an air resource board in your local district. It’s an important component because it is lowering the admission level/output level of that […]

AQMD – Setting the Rules for Emissions in California

AQMD – Setting the Rules for Emissions in the State of California AQMD – Setting the Rules for California Generator Emissions In California there is the Air Quality Management District. (AQMD) They are the ones that regulate and set the rules for emissions on all engine applications in the state of California. We are under very strict rules with the AQMD for […]

Top 10 Generator Service Mistakes to Avoid

Generators are powerful industrial machines that will keep your site operational when you need them most. However, you need to ensure that your generators are in reliable working order if you want them to operate at full capacity. Downtime can be easily avoided if owners, building engineers, maintenance personnel, and factory managers service generators properly. Here are the most commonly-encountered generator maintenance […]

The Size of a Generator is Dictated by the Customers Load

The Size of a Generator is Dictated by the Customers Load What Size Backup Generator Do You Need? The size of a generator is dictated by the customer’s load, and it varies depending on the customer’s requirements. For example at a customers location they may require an air conditioner, some refrigeration, some test lab powering – it just depends on which items […]

What is the Required Code to Complete Load Bank Testing?

What is the Required Code to Complete Load Bank Testing? What are the Joint Commission Generator Testing Requirements? There is no current code for load Bank testing. The Joint Commission does require one for health care though (only if you cannot meet your 30 minutes of runtime at 30% of nameplate data per month). For more information on generator load bank testing requirements, request […]

Why is Load Bank Testing Important?

Why is Load Bank Testing a Generator Important? A load bank test is what validates the the proper operation of a generator. It does testing that can not be done during the normal operation of a generator. In a sense, it performs the test to prevent problems, and lets you diagnose any failure in advance (versus when it is an emergency and […]

Duthie Customers are Part of the Family

Duthie Customers are Part of the Family Duthie Customers are Part of the Family We are a family-owned business. We like to think of our customers as being part of the family. We have over 2,500 customers right now. Probably close to 5,000 different sites that we service. From Bakersfield down to the Mexican border, from Arizona across the coast – all […]

The Duthie Power Fleet

The Duthie Power Fleet Industrial Generator Rental Fleet Narrated by: Randy Gross, Duthie Power’s Service Manager. Keeping our fleet reliable, is obviously something we have to do. We are an emergency service business. When working on fire life safety equipment, response is absolutely critical. So we refresh our fleet constantly, and we know that’s not something a lot of other companies do. […]

Importance of Contingency Planning

IMPORTANCE OF CONTINGENCY PLANNING   GUEST BLOG: Written by the staff at Trystar In terms of maintaining normal business operations of a company, company contingency planning is essential to making sure the least amount of turbulence is created when a disruption occurs. Planning ahead isn’t always easy or convenient, but sometimes having a plan saves a company thousands of dollars, data, or […]

Generator Docking Stations

GENERATOR DOCKING STATIONS GUEST BLOG: Written by the staff at Trystar When the power goes out, business owners should be able to replace a brief moment of panic with confidence in their ability to restore power quickly. This confidence comes from a Trystar generator docking station. Docking Stations function to easily and safely switch from permanent or utility power to backup power. […]

Service Calls – Duthie Equipment and Trucks

Service Calls – Duthie Equipment and Trucks Our technicians are each in their own company truck – all of our trucks are late model exchanged out every 3 to 4 years for a new Chevy truck. They are all four wheel drive so they can gain access to difficult-to-reach sites such as remote cell towers and things like that. We try to […]

32 Point Inspection vs. Fire Pump Service

32 Point Inspection vs. Fire Pump Service Fire Pump Inspection The fire pump service is the same as our generator service. Everything is inspected in detail. The pump itself, packing leaks, bearings for lubrication. The pump output is really not detailed on the service because that is required by the Fire Department. What we verify is the pump RPM (rotations per minute). […]

Servicing a Diesel Fire Pump

Servicing a Diesel Fire Pump Diesel Fire Pump Service On the diesel fire pumps, basically it’s an engine service on the fire pump itself. We will grease the bearings, we will check the packing, and we will check the RPM of the engine to maintain the rated RPM on the pump. That is basically a generator minor service (or major service if […]

Overhauling a Commercial Generator

Overhauling a Commercial Generator Commercial Generator Overhaul Overhauling a generator comes from different components: you have the engine that drives the generator, the alternator and the generator itself. Either one could fail. And that repair may cause an overhaul of the engine or overhaul of the generator itself. That can take a long period of time because the engine has to be […]

Power Source Options for Commercial Generators

Power Source Options for Commercial Generators Types of Gas for Generators Generators come in a number of power sources. One is diesel, there’s propane, natural gas and gasoline. The most popular generator on the market today is diesel. Reason being that in a natural disaster ( such as an earthquake ) the first thing that gets cut off to all facilities is […]

Replacing Belts and Hoses on a Commercial Generator

Replacing Belts and Hoses on a Commercial Generator When should you replace belts and hoses? Belts and hoses we recommend replacing every 36 months – that is the guideline for most manufacturers. With every comprehensive inspection we do, we check the entire system. The cooling system, belts, hoses, coolant, etc. We are always checking the belts for proper adjustment and cracks. Many […]

Most Common Parts Replaced on Commercial Generators

Most Common Parts Replaced on Commercial Generators   Common Replacement Generator Parts & Components The most common parts that typically need to be replaced on a commercial generator are as follows: Oil filter Fuel Filter Coolant Belts Hoses (in no particular order) Oil filters, fuel filters and oil are going to be changed out annually. While belts, hoses, coolant and thermostats are […]

Renting Compared to Buying a Commercial Generator

Renting Compared to Buying a Commercial Generator Renting vs. Buying Emergency Generators Renting is obvious if you need a generator for a temporary situation. Basically what we get a lot of rentals for are power shutdowns, construction projects or an outside project (such as a show) that they need temporary power for. This is when a customer needs temporary power for day […]

Duthie 15 Minute Emergency Response Time

Duthie 15 Minute Emergency Response Time Duthie Power Services At Duthie Power we offer a 15 minute response time to your call for a rental generator and we can usually have that generator delivered (hooked up) and have you running within 2 to 4 hours. For more information on emergency generator rentals or service on an existing generator, request a service quote […]

How a Docking Station Can Help with Quick Back-up Power

How a Docking Station Can Help with Quick Back-Up Power Random outages jeopardize every business’s ability to function. They significantly delay deadlines and interrupt work. They even make security systems incredibly vulnerable. The truth is that power outages affect business’s revenue streams. ITIC reports that 98% of all organizations say just one hour of downtime costs their firm over $100,000. According to a study by […]

Duthie Power Generator Rental Program

Duthie Power Generator Rental Program Orange County Generator Rentals The Duthie rental program is really strong. We have over 100 separate generators available, anywhere from 20 KW to 1500 KW. So we can fit almost any application that needs rental power. We are a 24-hours a day 7 days a week operation because we have to back up hospitals and hotels that […]

Power Outage! How Long it Takes for a Generator to Start

Power Outage! How Long it Takes for a Generator to Start How Long it Takes for Automatic Emergency Generator Power to Start During a Power Outage If utility power goes out, the (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switch is going to tell the generator to start. The generator will start (come up to speed) and the ATS will monitor it verify voltage and frequency […]

What is The EPSS?

What is The EPSS? What is the EPSS, or Emergency Power Supply System? EPSS – that’s the “emergency power supply system”- it’s the entire system: the emergency generator, the transfer switch and the distribution panel for the emergency power. It is the complete package of the entire emergency system which supplies power to the building when called upon. For more information on […]

What is Fuel Polishing in a Generator Tank?

What is Fuel Polishing in a Generator Tank? What is a Fuel Polishing Service? Fuel polishing is the process of drawing the fuel from the tank through a filter system and back into the tank. During this, it constantly circulates that fuel through the filter to capture all the water and elements that have accumulated in the diesel fuel. For more information […]

The Difference Between Generator Replacement Fuel and Fuel Polishing

  Diesel Fuel Polishing vs. Diesel Fuel Replacement Fuel polishing is the preferred way to go. It saves a lot of money and you hate to dispose of the older diesel fuel. There is a lot of cost in the disposal of hazmat fuel. Replacing it is only at the extreme necessity if the fuel polishing is not enough to clean that […]

Cleaning a Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tank

Cleaning a Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tank How Do You Clean a Diesel Fuel Tank When you clean your diesel tank you want to have it full of fuel (so you’re cleaning the entire tank). When you clean it there is a device that goes down like a snake into the tank. It vibrates and goes all the way around the tank banging […]

Problems That Arise With Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tanks

Problems That Arise With Generator’s Diesel Fuel Tanks Common Generator Gas Tank Problems The biggest problem with a diesel fuel tank and the storage of fuel is water and bio chemical growth that can arise in the tank. So those have to be kept clean. With diesel fuel you have fuel filters in the generator that will catch a lot of it […]

What Is The Best Generator? Diesel Or Natural Gas.

What Is The Best Generator? Diesel Or Natural Gas Diesel Generator vs. Natural Gas Generator If you rely on your generator to keep your company moving when the main power goes out, or if you work in a location where an electric grid is just a distant dream, then you need to know you’ve got the absolute best power source to back […]

Duthie Power Mobile RV Services

Duthie Power Mobile RV Services We are excited to announce our new mobile RV generator maintenance services where we will come to you to service the generator in your RV. The generator in your RV needs regular service, so who better to make sure that it is in tip top condition than the Generator Experts at Duthie Power Services. Our RV generator repair […]

Inspect the Diesel Fuel in your Generator Once a Year

Inspect the Diesel Fuel in your Generator Once a Year Inspect the Diesel Fuel in your Generator Once a Year Most servicing of a generator would include the inspection of your diesel fuel. One other suggestion would be to have a sample of the fuel drawn and run through the lab to make sure and tell just what levels of water may […]

Longevity of Diesel Fuel in a Generator Tank

Longevity of Diesel Fuel in a Generator Tank How Long does Diesel Last in a Generator Fuel Tank Diesel fuel in a fuel tank can last the life of the generator – 30 to 40 years. It really depends on the maintenance that is kept on the generator in the fuel tank. It’s that ongoing maintenance that will answer the question “is […]

Diesel Fuel Tanks on Generators

Diesel Fuel Tanks on Generators Types of Generator Fuel Storage Tanks The Diesel fuel tank is the storage for the generator to run. It could be a based mounted fuel tank or it can be a separate above ground or underground storage tank. Diesel Generators fuel systems must supply the diesel engine with a continuous and clean supply of fuel. Large storage […]

Duthie Power Expanding Generator Services to Include San Diego County

Duthie Power Expanding Generator Services to Include San Diego County Standby Generator Services in San Diego County Long Beach, California, March 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Generator experts, Duthie Power Services, is expanding into San Diego County. For over 50 years, Duthie Power has served as Southern California’s top expert in generator and diesel fire pump services as well as new generator […]

Maintain Fuel for Good Generator Care

Maintain Fuel for Good Care   Maintain Fuel for Good Generator Care Customers sometimes ask us if bad fuel can cause a problem with a generator. We have found that it’s very rare that it comes to that extreme but there are a lot of companies that do not maintain their fuel (do not maintain their generators) so they do run into […]

If I Have an ATS Why is There a Time Delay When the Power Goes Off?

If I Have an ATS Why is There a Time Delay When the Power Goes Off?   If I Have an ATS Why is There a Time Delay When the Power Goes Off? There’s a system of ATS time delays just in case power goes off and comes right back on – you don’t want your generator switching to emergency power at that point. […]

Servicing Your Automatic Transfer Switch

Servicing Your Automatic Transfer Switch Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance When you are servicing an Automatic Transfer Switch the first thing you should do is a visual inspection. Look for telltale signs of a loose cable which would be discolored on the lux (you don’t need an infrared gun to tell that). Tighten up all the connections. We want to go through the […]

What Goes Wrong With an ATS?

What goes wrong with an ATS?   What goes wrong with an ATS Switch? Continuing our series on the ATS let us help answer the question – What goes wrong with an ATS? On a transfer switch service almost anything can go wrong. Generally it’s wire connections or a coil relay (something that has malfunctioned). some micro switches that are involved in travel on the mechanism […]

Businesses That Benefit From an ATS

Businesses and Public Services that Benefit from an ATS What do government buildings, factories, hospitals, restaurants and schools have in common? This is not a trick question. But the answer might surprise you. All five of these are businesses and/or public services that require a continuous application of power.  Consider what might happen, for example, if a hospital were to suddenly shut […]

Where is the Automatic Transfer Switch?

Where is the Automatic Transfer Switch?   Where is the ATS- Common Transfer Switch Locations? Continuing our series on the ATS a lot of our new customers always ask – Where is the Automatic Transfer Switch Located? They can be near each other or the generator can be on the ground and your transfer switch can be on the roof of a 50-story building […]

ATS: The Heart of Emergency Power

ATS: The Heart of Emergency Power   Automatic Emergency Transfer Switch The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is the heart of emergency power. The National Fire Protection Association has codes dictating that it does require at least a monthly inspection (especially Healthcare/Hospitals). The normal high rises are not really listed in the code for a monthly inspection but they strongly suggest it. “NFPA […]

Automatic Transfer Switch – ATS 101

Automatic Transfer Switch – ATS 101   How does an ATS work? The ATS switch for generators, or automatic transfer switches, are basically the go-between utility power and generator power. There is a common load fed from the transfer switch usually to all your emergency panels. During a test or an actual power failure, there is a time delay before the ATS sends […]

How to Prepare Now for the Emergencies, Disasters You’ll Likely Be Facing Tomorrow

How to Prepare Now for the Emergencies, Disasters You’ll Likely Be Facing Tomorrow Still think it can’t happen here? After two months of wildfire, flash floods and mud, there’s no time like the present to get your survival kits and essentials in order. A Montecito resident is helped to safety after flash flooding, mud and debris flows devastated the community on Jan. […]

The Best Ways to Exercise a Generator

The Best Ways to Exercise a Generator   Exercise Generators with Load Testing Just starting the engine and running it at the rated RPM is better than nothing at all, but you’re not building any horsepower. What you have to do is actually put a load on the generator, that requires the transfer switch to shift from normal power to emergency power. […]

Tips for Keeping Your Generator in Good Shape

Tips for Keeping Your Generator in Good Shape When you have a generator in place at your business, you are setting yourself up with a great alternative if the power should go off. But when that outage or major storm happens, your generator could be taking on a lot of work, running all day and all night until the problem is fixed. […]

How Often Should I Exercise my Generator?

How Often Should I Exercise my Generator?   How Long Should I Run my Home Generator Test? Generally, weekly is the best to exercise a generator (it does not need to be for a long time). Some companies run a monthly test which is okay but you have to run it for an extended period of time to bring your engine temperature […]

Class-action Lawsuit Accuses SoCal Edison of Starting Thomas Fire

Class-action Lawsuit Accuses SoCal Edison of Starting Thomas Fire  A class-action lawsuit claims Southern California Edison (SCE) is responsible for starting the Thomas Fire which burned nearly 282,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,000 structures in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties starting Dec. 4. The lawsuit claims SCE employees and contractors working in a canyon near Steckel Park in Santa Paula […]

Generator Inspection Checklist

Generator Inspection Checklist   Standby Generator Maintenance Checklist On our semi annual service we basically run through a checklist (a criteria of minor maintenance). We look at your belts, hoses, battery – we look for cracking in the hoses and wear on the belts. We will run the unit, check the generator for proper output and check the engine for leaks. Anything […]

What Does a Generator Maintenance Agreement Cover?

What Does a Generator Maintenance Agreement Cover?   What Does a Generator Service Agreement Cover? Maintenance agreements typically cover the entire generator itself for preventive maintenance. All parts of the generator, for example – the control panel where we analyze and check for invalid information. This may include tightening of a screw or an adjustment of a panel. We will also look […]

City May Give up $103M in Tax Revenue to Lure Hotel Developer to Convention Center

City May Give up $103M in Tax Revenue to Lure Hotel Developer to Convention Center Hotel Expansion Around the LA Convention Center A city committee on Tuesday endorsed a deal that would give a developer $103.3 million in public money over the course of more than two decades to open hundreds of hotel rooms next to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Developer Lightstone Group wants […]

How a Standby Generator Can Benefit A Business

How a Standby Generator Can Benefit A Business If this year’s hot, rainy weather has taught businesses anything, it’s to be prepared for a power outage. Businesses grind to a complete halt when they lose power. This coming year, be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at your business with a commercial standby generator. Food Service Industries Need Backup Generators When the […]

The General Life Span of a Generator

The General Life Span of a Generator   The General Lifespan of a Generator – How Long do Generators Last? If you would buy a generator today, it would generally last you 15 to 20 years depending on the availability of the repair components. The repair is an important part of the life of the generator. If you keep up on the […]

Learning About a Load Bank

Learning About a Load Bank   Learning About What a Generator Load Bank Test Does A load bank is a piece of equipment that we use when testing an emergency generator. The test usually consists of a timed event which also includes the KW. As we go through the steps of the test, it will simulate a load on a generator (it’s […]

A 32-Point Generator Inspection

A 32 Point Inspection from Duthie Power   What is a 32-Point Inspection: Some Items Included in a Generator Inspection During an inspection we typically do a general walk around the engine to make sure there are no fluids on the ground (weather it’s oil, coolant or fuel). We look over the belts to make sure they’re tight and not cracking. We […]

Duthie Customer Portal

Duthie Customer Portal The Duthie Customer Portal is a great tool for you to use to streamline your needs with Duthie Power Services. Our web based portal allows our customers to view their equipment and site information as well as review invoices and quotes. It can be accessed right through our website www.duthiepower.com. In the top right corner, there is a button […]

Servicing an Engine Block Heater

Servicing an Engine Block Heater   Servicing a Diesel Engine Block Heater – Is This Something I Need To Do for my Generator? Block heaters they are either operational or they are cold. They leak or they don’t leak. – There is not much to a service other than tightening hoses and making sure that the block is warm when you first […]

The Importance of an Engine Block Heater on a Generator

The Importance of an Engine Block Heater on a Generator   An engine block heater can be a vital part to a generator. So what is an engine block heater? See in our video above why it’s important. The engine block heater on a generator set basically keeps the water in the engine (the jacket water) warm. Usually around 100 degrees. It’s […]

Portable Generator Safety Information

Portable Generator Safety Information Did you know that 81% of deaths related to engine-driven tools were from generators, according to cpsc.gov? Knowing how to properly use a generator, especially during emergency situations, is a matter of life and death in as little as 5 minutes. Top 5 Portable Gas Generator Safety Tips While there are plenty of brands that manufacture generators, they […]

How Often Should I Change the Batteries on my Generator?

How Often Should I Change the Batteries on my Generator? A common question asked by our customers is “how often should I change my portable generator batteries”? The batteries need to be changed between 24 and 36 months – every 2 to 3 years. In a lot of cases we see customers will try to prolong the life of their batteries until […]

Moving a Generator to a New Location

Moving a Generator to a New Location   A lot of our customers ask us if moving a standby generator is a feasible option. Peter answers questions about generator relocation in our latest video. You do have the option of moving your generator with you. But there are some factors that have to be taken into effect, especially here in California. The […]

Power Outage Preparation Tips

Power Outage Tips and Tricks Power outages can strike when you least expect them. They can also be devastating to your business’s bottom line if you don’t have a power outage preparation plan. According to a market research study by E Source, a four-hour outage will cost the average business $10,000 to $20,000. Business owners that take the right precautions can drastically […]

Generator Experts In Southern California

Generator Experts In Southern California   Expert Generator Service Company With one of the largest privately owned rental fleets in Southern California – Duthie has the power when you need it. We rent solutions for any application from 22 KW to 2,000 KW diesel engine-powered generators, fuel tanks, distribution panels, load banks and cables. Duthie rental technicians are available for installation, maintenance, […]

All You Need to Know About Diesel Fuel Maintenance

With any piece of emergency equipment, like back-up generators and diesel fire pumps, diesel fuel maintenance is a key component to ensure proper operation during an emergency. There are various types of fuel sources for generators, however selecting which fuel source is right for you is a decision that needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Unlike emergency equipment tied to […]

Do You Need a Diesel Particulate Filter?

Do You Need a Diesel Particulate Filter? Revamped air quality regulations over the last ten years have raised the bar on reducing pollution and managing emissions from diesel engines, especially in the diesel engines of older truck fleets. But truck engines are not the only diesel-powered engines subject to emission requirements. Diesel backup generators also have to comply with air quality standards, […]

Generator service is our business!

Generator service is our business!   Emergency Generator Services Generator system service is our business! We service all makes and models and will keep your industrial generator humming to protect you in an emergency. Why choose Duthie Power Services? First, our Power technicians perform a 32-point comprehensive inspection of the emergency power supply system [EPSS]. It follows strict regulatory guidelines and we […]

24/7 means 24/7 for Duthie Power’s Emergency Services

Natural disasters and power outages never come at a convenient time. As the number one name in Southern California's generator service market for over 50 years, Duthie Power has seen many disasters. That’s why Duthie Power’s Emergency Response Team can be counted on 24/7, 365 days a year to restore backup emergency power with one of the largest generator rental fleets in [...]

Load Bank Testing- Essential Generator Maintenance

Load Bank Testing- Essential Generator Maintenance Chances are you don’t operate your generator at full power and full temperature unless you’re experiencing an emergency. In fact, your generator may not be used frequently or only run on light loads throughout the year leading you to believe it’s in fine shape. Plus, there’s that saying- “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The […]

FAQ for Rental Generator Clients

FAQ’s are typically a part of the website where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about a product or service. At Duthie Power Services, we’re turning the FAQ section on its head and outlining the FAQ’s we typically have for you, our rental generator client. We understand it can be difficult to anticipate all of your needs in an emergency. […]

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