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New Generators & Equipment

Buy the Perfect Generator for Your Building.

As the leading Southern Californian supplier of emergency power supplies and backup generators, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to commercial backup power. 

So you can get any factory direct generator on the open market — often at factory-direct pricing — through Duthie Power. Our sales engineers’ vast industry knowledge, combined with their attention to your facility’s individual needs, will help you make well-informed choices throughout the purchase process.

When you buy a new factory direct generator from Duthie, you’ll know that you have the right backup power, emergency power supplies, and services to expand your business and power it through any outages:

Custom-ordered Generators and Power Supplies

We don’t keep any new generators in stock — so you can rest assured that we’re not trying to offload a less-than-ideal fit on you!

Instead, you’ll custom-order products to fit your facility’s individual needs. Since we work with a variety of manufacturers, you’ll be able to choose from any generator on the open market. This includes all leading brands of generators and transfer switches, and generator sizes from 2,000 KW giants to convenient portable generators. 

With the guidance of our sales engineers, you’ll find the perfect generator system for your building.

Emergency Power Supplies

lready have a generator, but need more emergency power supplies or generator parts? Duthie provides a wide range of: 

Generator Parts
Automatic Transfer Switches
Portable Generator Docking Station Solution
Fuel Tanks
Diesel Fire Pumps

Just as with generators, our sales engineers can help you pick the right generator parts and supplies for your backup power system. So if you’re committed to your current backup power system, we’ll help you make the most of it.

Generator Installation and Maintenance

You aren’t left on your own once you’ve found your new generator. Whether you bought it from us or from another supplier, the experienced and factory-trained Duthie installation team is happy to install your new generator for you. 

You can also rent generators from Duthie during the installation process, so that your business keeps power in case the grid fails during that time. 

After your new generator’s installed, our generator maintenance technicians can provide first-class service calls, maintenance schedules, and repairs so that it’s always ready for peak performance in any emergency.

With this array of options, services, and experienced guidance, you’ll easily find the right power generator equipment at the right price.

The Duthie Power Promise

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to power supply. So we work with the best. 

Our sales engineers listen to you, assess your facility’s unique needs, and help you find the perfect balance of power, price and packaging.


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