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Rentals & Emergencies

Rent a Generator

Blackouts happen, but they don’t have to stop your business. Our vast fleet of rental diesel generators keeps your essential operations running through emergencies, planned power outages, scheduled generator maintenance, and electricity-heavy special events:

  • 24/7/365 emergency power supply hotline with guaranteed 15-minute phone response time
  • Emergency generator rental options from 22KW—2,000 KW
  • Numerous rental program options, from daily to monthly
  • All generators for rent are compliant with rigorous emission standards and noise regulations
  • Additional emergency power supplies

In both our Long Beach and San Diego locations, our experienced generator rental team will make sure you get the right commercial generator, at the right price, the first time you ask. So you don’t need to worry about a thing; just call (800)899-3931 and leave it to us to get your lights back on with an emergency generator rental.

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Emergency Power Supplies

Whether you’re dealing with an outage or just need more power for a special event, our large fleet of commercial generator rentals will make sure that you have the power you need. In addition to backup generators from 22 KW-2,000 KW, optional power supplies include fuel tanks, distribution panels, automatic transfer switches, load banks, and cables.

Quick Response Time

Since we know that every minute without power is a loss for your business, our support staff and technician teams will get you moving as soon as possible. We guarantee a 15-minute response time from our 24/7/365 emergency power telephone line, and an emergency generator rental arrives usually within 2 hours (depending on location). One of our certified technicians will install, maintain, refuel, and monitor the emergency generator rental – even in remote and difficult-to-access locations.

Generator Rental Experts

We rent generators for your emergency, planned power outage, maintenance or special event.

Eliminate Downtime

If you want to ensure that your business never stands still, purchase and maintain a commercial emergency generator that starts whenever the grid goes down.

Then service your backup generator regularly. Scheduled maintenance guarantees that your emergency power supply won’t let you down when you need it most.

Reduce Power Emergencies

To prevent outages before they even begin, sign up for our remote monitoring services. You’ll receive immediate alerts whenever your backup generator has an issue. This smartphone-compatible program prompts you to schedule any necessary generator service and repairs, so the issue never has a chance to become a crisis.

We are proud to be a family owned business and work hard to provide quality service to our customers.

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