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Duthie Power Services Partners with Trystar to Provide Customers with Manual Transfer Switches

Manual transfer switch made by Trystar with Duthie Power logo and phrase Power Partners.

Part of Duthie Power Services’ success as Southern California’s generator experts stems from building valuable relationships in the emergency power industry for over fifty years. Trystar, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of power distribution equipment, is one such partner Duthie is proud to announce will be helping the Duthie Power team provide customers with manual transfer switches.


American-made and built to last in extreme weather (Minnesotans would know!), Trystar’s manual transfer switches are an ideal hookup for businesses who utilize portable generators.


While many commercial buildings are equipped with permanent backup generators on their premises, for others it’s more practical to secure a rental generator for emergency backup power. For those property owners, installing a Trystar generator manual transfer switch ensures quick and easy hookup of a rental generator using Trystar’s built-in camlock connections.


“Some of our customers with facilities in more remote areas prefer a manual transfer switch over an automatic transfer switch. It’s really personal preference; in fact, our Duthie Power offices in Long Beach have a Trystar manual transfer switch because we like the ease with which we can quickly connect a generator,” says Erik Duthie, General Manager of Duthie Power Services.


Trystar produces a wide range of electrical components, ranging from transformers and portable power distribution panels to switchgear and ATS units, as well as industrial power cable. While serving different parts of the emergency power market, the Trystar and Duthie Power teams share many corporate values: a commitment to offering tailored customer service (no one-size-fits all approach); nurturing a flexible, team-based approach to ensure deadlines are always met; and recruiting top talent to provide industry-leading expertise.


As George Atsidakos, Director of Sales – Critical Facilities explains, “Being a values-driven company has always been a priority for us. Like any competitive business, as much as we’re aimed at growth and serving our customers, we also value supporting our employees so they find working at Trystar rewarding and fulfilling.”


Duthie Power has over fifty-five years of experience in repairing, installing, and renting generators to Southern California. Duthie’s technicians can service all makes and models of generators, so they know how to tailor their recommendations to customers. For example, if a commercial property owner doesn’t have the budget for installation permits and maintenance on a permanent generator set, they would be an excellent candidate for installing a Trystar Manual Transfer Switch.


As Duthie Power Sales Engineer Pete Thornton explains, “For example, certain cities with a water well would want a manual transfer switch so they can hook up their power to a water well. It also comes down to the level of experience a property owner has with backup power. If you’re inexperienced, an automatic transfer switch is preferable, albeit more costly. If you’re comfortable around a generator, manual is the way to go.”


The generator industry continues to grow as extreme weather events become more frequent and aging infrastructure leaves many without reliable power sources. So, too, will the partnership between Duthie Power and Trystar continue to grow so everyone has access to reliable power when they need it.

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