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What to look for in a Generator Rental company

Generator Rental Company

My name is Sal Hernandez, and I am the rental manager at Duthie Power Services. Duthie owns about 100 generators ranging from anywhere from 22 KW up to 1500 KW. One of the services that we offer is turnkey connections. So, if a company is having a power outage, we show up with a unit, cables, and technicians; we hook up to the building and get them up and running.

We are a 24-hour generator rental service, day or night, holiday, or you know, regular day, we are available. So, delivery would be, essentially, we would take one of our generators to the facility that’s experiencing a power outage. We run cables from the generator to their electrical panel, connect the cables to the building, and at that point, we will turn the generator on and power up the building.

In the rental department, we service our own generators. We also provide fuel for our generators anytime they’re out in the field. So, the most helpful piece of information that we can get from a customer in order for us to help provide them with power is a few things we need to know. The customer would need to know where their electrical panel is, the voltage of that panel amperage, where we can park the generator, and the length of cable we’re going to need in order to be able to provide that service to them.

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