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The Duthie Power Difference: Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

At Duthie Power Services, we don’t just provide generator solutions; we build long-term relationships based on quality work and continuous quality assurance. What sets us apart? The simple answer: No other generator company delivers consistently quality work like we do. Learn about our commitment to quality assurance below.

Delivering Quality Assurance in the Field

Randy Gross, Duthie Power’s Head of Sales and Quality Assurance started our formal Quality Assurance program two years ago with one goal in mind: to make sure our customers are happy. Unlike other companies, we go beyond the conventional, extending our commitment to quality assurance right into the field, making it a personal mission for each and every technician.

“Having served as a service manager in the past, I can attest that most companies limit quality assurance to the controlled environment of the warehouse. However, at Duthie Power Services, we take it a step further, emphasizing field QA as a distinctive practice. It’s not about finding fault or assigning blame; it’s about acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding work of our technicians, while also addressing areas for improvement.”

A Proactive Approach to Quality Assurance

One of the key benefits of our QA program is its immediate impact on problem resolution. Take a recent real-world example – when a customer raised concerns about a quote for new work, Randy promptly visited the site. After identifying the issues affecting the equipment, Randy explained them in detail and collaborated with the customer to devise a solution.

This proactive approach not only resolves problems efficiently but also fosters trust and transparency with our clients. Randy adds, “Two years in, I am pleased to report that the positive feedback we get from our QA program has made it a worthwhile addition to our customer service approach.”

How We Deliver Quality Assurance

At the heart of our QA initiative lies a structured procedure outlined in our QA form. For new technicians, we meticulously review samples of their jobs within the first 90 days of employment, ensuring they meet Duthie’s stringent quality standards. Throughout the year, every technician undergoes multiple QA evaluations, creating a fair and equitable system. Any necessary corrections are communicated directly to the Service Technician Manager and Service Manager, emphasizing individual growth and team-wide improvement.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality assurance extends beyond internal assessments. We actively encourage open feedback and share positive outcomes at safety meetings, fostering a collective investment in delivering exceptional work. Dewey Brunson, Duthie Power’s Service Manager, explains, “We believe that establishing and maintaining high standards is crucial not just for our current customers but also for building trust with new clients.”

For all of us at Duthie Power Services, quality assurance is not just a checkbox on a list – it’s a philosophy embedded in our culture. We are not just another generator company; we are the standard-bearers of excellence, ensuring that the quality of our work stands the test of time.

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