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Save Time & Slay Paperwork with Our Customer Portal

If you’re a facility manager, you already know that there’s too little time and too much paperwork. The last thing you need is yet another pile of bills, invoices, or service call reminders to keep track of. 

And this is especially true if you’re managing more than one site. If you’ve tried keeping all the files, records, bills and invoices — for each visit on each site — organized, separate from one another, and easily accessible, you know how the ever-increasing effort sucks up valuable time and energy. 

But, if you don’t spend all that time organizing paperwork (and/or painstakingly entering that information into various Excel spreadsheets) the results could be disastrous. Missed bills and invoices, forgotten reminders to schedule services, and other misfortunes pile up along with the misplaced documents. 

That’s why our team created the Duthie Customer Portal.

This secure online customer portal lets you:

  • Easily view the details & service history for each piece of your Duthie equipment 
  • View generator & Duthie service information for all your sites, all in one place
  • Schedule service calls without even writing an email
  • Review and approve Duthie invoices & quotes in a couple quick clicks
  • Access all this from anywhere with your computer, phone or tablet 

Basically, it does much of your Duthie filing work for you. 

All you have to do is log in, click a few times, and get back to the work that an online program can’t do.

So to help you maximize our online customer portal’s time-saving and stress-reducing potential, we’ve put together a video and a written guide. 

Here’s the video, presented by our own Corinne Rodriguez:

And here’s the written how-to:


Simple! Click the log-in button on the top right hand of all Duthie website pages.

The system will ask for your User ID and password. All new customers are automatically given an account, so you’ll find your ID & password in your Welcome Letter. (If it escapes you, just click the “Forgot Username/Password” button to re-set it.)

Once you’re in, you’ll see this: 

This single page contains tabs for each main section: 

  1. Sites & Equipment
  2. Service Calls
  3. Request Service
  4. Billing

Let’s look at what you can do in each of these tabs:

Sites & Equipment

When you can only be at one site at a time (which is…well, always) it can be tough to dig up all the info you need for the other sites and their equipment. This makes the process fast and simple:

  1. Sites Tab

    As you can see from the snapshot, this tab allows you to organize & search ALL your locations (this customer has over 900!) by name, city, or zip code. Clicking on a location entry shows you every work order & request for that location.
  2. Equipment Tab

    This is for all the Duthie equipment details that are so hard — yet so important — to remember. This spreadsheet makes it easy to see those details for each of your Duthie equipment pieces:
    • Service history 
    • Cost of upkeep (regularly updated)
    • Make
    • Model
    • Location
    • Size

No more rifling through your notes or having to visit the equipment itself for these details — now they’re right in your pocket.

Service Calls

We hope you enjoy it when we come to see you. (We sure do!) 

But we know that keeping track of a service call, including the bill, isn’t anyone’s favorite activity. 

So these three tabs do it for you:

Each spreadsheet shows the specific piece of equipment, date, type of contract, cost, balance paid, & type of work (preventative/annual/rental/emergency/etc.) for each service call.

  1. Open Work Orders
    The service appointments you’ve scheduled for the future show up here.
  2. Completed Work Orders
    Once we’ve made our service call to you, that order will show up here until it’s billed.
  3. Billed Work Orders
    Once the work order is billed, it will show up here.

Request Service

With this service, you can set up a date & time for a service call without even opening your email…much less having to type up every necessary detail that’s already included for you here.

Just right-click a site from the list, select “Open Service Request,” and fill in the simple form. 

Need to have a new site serviced? You can do that here too! Just one pro tip: Make sure to have your purchase order number before setting up the new site. 

Billing Summary

Ahhh…the relief of having all your bills in one place, all accessible from any site via any internet connected computer!

This tab allows you to view, download, and forward all your invoices easily. 

(The accounting department will love you.) 


New situations and needs pop up at times, and new quotes with them. In this tab, you can:

  • View details of new quotes
  • Email questions about them without having to open your email browser (just right click on the quote in question)
  • Approve or decline them with a single mouse click!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about using the online customer portal, go ahead and contact your Duthie representative or Corinne at — we’ll get you up and running on it in no time! 

In the end, you’re busy enough with the things only you can do — go ahead and let our Customer Portal lessen the stress of paperwork management. It’s quick, easy and will give you back some much-deserved time. 

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