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How to operate a home standby generator when the gas supply is cut off

Hi, my name is Peter Thornton with Duthie Power Services. I’m “Ask Pete” on our website. The question is – during a power outage, of course, your generator comes on, but what’s the situation when there’s an earthquake and your natural gas at your home is shut off? To be honest, that’s a rare situation and isn’t always a concern, but if so, you can also purchase a generator and have it using propane power just like you do for your barbecue at home. That way, you do have a source there that cannot be cut off, and it is also readily available.

The next question is – how much propane should I store for my generator? That goes back to the manufacturer giving what the fuel consumption is per hour, and you can measure that for how much propane you would need to get if you want a 24-hour supply. You take that fuel consumption per hour and multiply it by 24, and that’s the size tank that you want to get. Check out Duthie Power’s fuel consumption calculator for assistance!

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