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How Often Should I Exercise my Generator?

How Often Should I Run My Generator?

Generally, weekly is the best to exercise a generator (it does not need to be for a long time). Some companies run a monthly test which is okay but you have to run it for an extended period of time to bring your engine temperature up. What you want to do is prime the engine fuel system and make sure the generator output is at its peak.

Look for any problems going on that could be addressed at the time.

It’s a good maintenance schedule event and the only way to verify that your engine is going to work in the event of a problem. If you don’t do any exercising you’re at the mercy of Murphy’s Law, which will happen when you need your generator up.

For more information about how often should you exercise a generator, request a service quote or give us a call at 1-800-899-3931. Learn how often you should test your RV generator here.

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