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Infographic: Planning your Generator Maintenance Budget

Regularly scheduled generator maintenance is an important part of ensuring your emergency supply system is ready when you need it. We covered why you need a generator maintenance budget in a previous blog. Check out the below generator infographic for a quick guide to what to prioritize when planning your maintenance budget.

Infographic outlining what to prioritize when putting together a generator maintenance budget.

Semiannual Comprehensive Inspection

Twice a year, your generator should undergo a thorough professional inspection. This prevents small problems from getting bigger and limits the possibility of your generator malfunctioning during inconvenient times.

Annual Service Visit

Unlike the semi-annual inspection’s predetermined price, the price for an annual generator service visit varies by both size and the amount of work needed for each individual generator.

Annual ATS Test

The ATS is a critical component in your emergency power supply system. Annual testing is highly recommended. The only catch is that your building needs its power briefly shut down during the process.

3 Year Service

Manufacturers recommend a 36 month cooling system service. After working for three years, various components may need to be replaced such as coolant, belts, hoses, and thermostats.

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