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“Now They Know Our Name” Duthie Power Celebrates One Year and 50 New Customers in San Diego


“A year ago, most San Diego generator owners didn’t even recognize the name ‘Duthie’,” remembers Kyle Michael, Duthie’s head San Diego sales engineer. 

But as Duthie Power’s San Diego location celebrates its first anniversary, it also celebrates 50 new customers who soon recognized the team’s quick response time, painstaking work ethic, and affordable pricing. 

“This achievement — 50 new customers after a single year in a new location — is thanks to our technicians,” says Kyle. “Each of them knows the importance of showing up fast for urgent service calls, as well as paying close attention to detail so that our customers are always satisfied.”

One example of this attention to detail is evident in a recent commercial installation that had aesthetic as well as functional requirements. To suit the location’s elegant appearance, Duthie technicians camouflaged the backup generator’s vent fuel pipe as one of the building’s outdoor lamps. 

Such close attention to customer satisfaction, combined with affordable rates, has brought Duthie’s San Diego location a multitude of residential and commercial customers: high-rise apartment buildings, fire stations, airports, navy bases, and retail chains. 

Randy Gross, Director of Operations of Duthie Power, also credits Duthie Power’s unique offerings. “Our large San Diego rental generator fleet means that we can help out any building at any time,” he says. “And our online services make orders, schedules, and service requests more convenient and streamlined for customers. 

“Also, while Duthie Power is new in San Diego, our generator technicians there have all had years of experience at Duthie’s Long Beach location.”

Finally, Kyle is thankful for many referrals from longtime San Diego-area Duthie Power customers. “In addition to our new customers at this location, we have a few dozen more who used our Long Beach-located services even before we moved here,” he says, “They helped us spread the word.”

So after Duthie Power’s first year in San Diego, do residents recognize the name ‘Duthie’ now? 

“More and more,” says Kyle. “We’ve discovered that many customers in the area have been searching for an additional, affordable provider. We really appreciate what makes San Diego unique, and as we begin our second year here, we’re looking forward to serving even more.”


For over 50 years, Duthie Power Services has served as the largest independent generator and fire pump service provider in Southern California. The Duthie team specializes in generator sales, installations, rentals, routine maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and 24/7/365 emergency power restoration. The company’s commitment to using high-quality parts, coupled with fast, guaranteed customer service and preventative maintenance packages, have made them an industry leader. Duthie Power is a family-owned business with offices in Long Beach and San Diego.

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