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Generator Diesel Fuel Tank Problems

Common Generator Gas Tank Problems

The biggest problem with a diesel fuel tank and the storage of fuel is water and bio chemical growth that can arise in the tank. So those have to be kept clean. With diesel fuel you have fuel filters in the generator that will catch a lot of it but after a while it will clog the filters.

So the tank has to be cleaned. Generally we recommend to have the fuel tested once a year for water and algae growth in it. If it is detected, there should at least be a fuel polishing, or have the tank cleaned and scrubbed as well as putting a new supply of diesel fuel in it.

These are the biggest things that can damage your engine and it’s injectors as well as stop the generator from running if you do not maintain the fuel and the tank properly.

For more information on common fuel tank problems, request a quote or give us a call at 1-800-899-3931.

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