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FAQ for Rental Generator Clients

FAQ’s are typically a part of the website where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about a product or service. At Duthie Power Services, we’re turning the FAQ section on its head and outlining the FAQ’s we typically have for YOU, our rental generator client.

We understand it can be difficult to anticipate all of your needs in an emergency. That’s why we have live operators and knowledgeable staff available 24/7 to answer your questions on the phone.

Here are our FAQ’s so you may be better prepared as we guide you through the generator rental process:

  1. Voltage

Typically our clients need 120/240 single phase, 120/208 3-phase or 277/480V 3-phase. There are other options, as well, so this is a very important detail to determine.

  1. Amperage

How much electrical current you will need. Amperage and voltage help determine the number of cables per leg as well as the size of the generator you’ll need.

  1. Length of cable needed

Cable comes in 50′ sections. You may need multiple cables per leg depending on the amperage load.

  1. What are we powering up?

Our rental technicians are available for installation, maintenance, refueling and monitoring.

  1. Accessibility

Are there any obstacles such as walls, stairs or fences?

  1. Duration of the rental

  1. Will you need us to fuel the generator?

If you experience a long power outage, chances are you will need to re-fuel.

  1. Who is our main point of contact?

Who is our point person for service approvals and work verification?

  1. Do you have a Tap Box?

If you’re unfamiliar with Generator Quick Connect Tap boxes, we highly suggest you install one for fast connection to a mobile emergency generator. Mounted to a building’s exterior and electrically connected to a manual or automatic transfer switch, Tap boxes make connecting emergency power faster and safer in the absence of a permanent generator.

Knowing Our Customers Helps Us Get You Power Faster

This is what we need to know in order to provide a quote for a rental generator. We hope these FAQ’s help you feel more prepared when the unexpected strikes and leaves you without power. Our live operators are always available for any additional inquiries. Duthie Power Services guarantees a 15-minute telephone response time with a typical 2-hour on-site arrival (depending on location)- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To find out more about our rental fleet and our rental department – visit our main rental page at where you can see a short video on our rental services.

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