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Protect Your Investment: Why You Need to Add a Rodent Proofing Kit to Your Generator

In an ever-expanding urban landscape, the persistence of rodents remains an undeniable reality. These crafty creatures are always on the lookout for cozy nesting spots, and unfortunately, your generator fits the bill perfectly. Rodent infestations might seem uncommon but take a closer look at your surroundings. Learn more about why you should be rodent proofing your generator below.

Johnny Bradford, Technician Service Manager at Duthie Power Services, sheds light on this issue: while the prevalence of infestations varies based on location, generators near wooded or forested areas face a higher risk. The crevices of generators create ideal sanctuaries for rodents like mice and rats, prompting us to introduce the ultimate solution: the Generator Rodent Proofing Kit.

Worst-Case Scenario Unveiled

Picture this – a rogue rodent infiltrates your generator unit, chomping away at vital wiring including delicate networking and high voltage wires. Worst-case scenario? Not only does your generator grind to a halt, but the sparks from compromised wires might ignite a blazing electrical inferno fueled by the surging voltage and searing heat. But that’s not all. If the damage is deemed irreparable or remains undetectable, the entire generator faces an untimely retirement.

Common Culprits

Don’t be fooled; rodent-infested generators are not some rare anomaly. Johnny dispels any doubts, highlighting how rodents, especially in the winter months, search for snug nooks to combat the cold. Generators, with their hidden crannies and enticing block heater warmth, become havens for these intruders who consider your generator their cozy sanctuary, complete with wiry nesting materials.

A Holistic Approach

Beyond rodent-proofing, Johnny imparts sage advice. Set cunning traps, be vigilant in checking them, and maintain a rodent-repelling environment by eliminating food and trash temptations. Curiously, certain fragrances like cinnamon, peppermint oil, and spicy scents send rodents scurrying in the opposite direction. While we’re not advocating a full-blown cinnamon extravaganza, these nuances bear considering. Moreover, having pest control on standby offers an extra layer of protection.

When Rodents Strike

In the unlikely event of a rodent break-in, proceeding cautiously is key. Attempting to diagnose the issue yourself poses risks, as chewed high voltage wires could be live with electricity. Yet, a thorough preliminary inspection won’t go amiss. In the end, calling your generator service provider for a professional assessment is the safest course of action.

The Ultimate Fortress: Rodent Proofing Kits

Enter the hero of the hour – the Rodent Proofing Kit. This ingenious kit erects a formidable barrier, shielding your generator’s heart from the outside world. Imagine mesh-covered, vented holes allowing airflow while thwarting rodent invaders. Metal bits seal gaps and comprehensive covers safeguard generators with exposed undersides. This isn’t just a kit; it’s the guardian of your generator’s security.

In a world where rodents can even threaten your generator’s integrity, the Rodent Proofing Kit emerges as your trusty shield. Safeguard your investment; choose security, choose peace of mind. Don’t leave your generator’s fate to chance – empower it with the defense it deserves.

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