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Servicing a Diesel Fire Pump

Servicing a Diesel Fire Pump

Diesel Fire Pump Service

On the diesel fire pumps, basically it’s an engine service on the fire pump itself. We will grease the bearings, we will check the packing, and we will check the RPM of the engine to maintain the rated RPM on the pump. That is basically a generator minor service (or major service if you want the filters and oil changed as well).

There’s a criteria to meet. There are checkpoints all the way down to the engine block heater, the battery charger and the battery test. This will require an over-cranked test. All the engine safeties we have shut downs on fire pumps (basically there’s one – over speed).

Anything else is going to give a warning light but the fire pumps are meant to run to destruction – it’s life safety at its highest.

For more information on fire pump servicing, you can request a service quote or give us a call at 1-800-899-3931

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