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Here’s Our Secret to 176% Sweeter Customer Experience

There’s no sugarcoating this: our customers say that we’ve improved their customer experience by an amazing 176% since 2016. And not only that — on our 2019 NetPromoter survey, they said that our team scores a perfect 5/5 for quality of service! Check out how we were able to improve customer service.

Please forgive the multiple exclamation points — we’re very excited about this (!) since that’s why we’ve been in the business for 50 years — we’ve always worked hard to give our clients the best generator services possible.

We’re also happy because, when we first ran our Netmeter customer satisfaction survey in 2016, Service Manager Randy Gross was a bit surprised to see the responses.

From Surprised to Stellar

“At first, I questioned why we needed to (survey our customers),” stated Randy Gross, Duthie’s Service Manager. “I was sure all our customers loved us.

“But what we found was that we had lots of areas where we could be providing a more seamless level of service to our customers; where we needed to communicate better, send better reminders, be faster in the office, and have stronger processes.

So we went to work on doing just that.”

During this undertaking, Randy and the Duthie team soon discovered that CRM (Customer Response Management) software programs have recently made it possible to provide better customer experiences than ever before.

So of course, Duthie needed a CRM program.

And after a couple tries, we finally found the perfect fit for our customers: Sugar CRM.

This sweetly-named software lives up to its title. After we implemented it in late 2018 in conjunction with our user-friendly Customer Portal, our 2019 customer survey revealed that customers have been thrilled with even better, faster, more convenient responses & services.

Meanwhile, we’re just thrilled that customers are thrilled. So two of our team members are ready to share the behind-the-scenes secret with you:

The Secret (Sugar) Sauce

Corinne Rodriguez appreciates Sugar’s simplification of her team’s communications. “Sugar gives us much more transparency than before,” she says, “It automatically logs every single time we interact with a client by phone, email, or in-person meeting.

It also records the reason and outcome of that meeting, so Duthie staff can get the whole picture of that client and their unique needs just by logging into Sugar.

“This saves time for our customers, because we don’t have to ask them — or each other — so many questions before we can service them! Instead of being siloed in different departments, each client’s service, billing, equipment, and general history can all be accessed by each member of their service team.

For example, the staff in the accounting department don’t have to wait for the service department to update them on the client’s service information, and vice versa. Team members can even use Sugar to assign tasks to members in a different department!

Because of these new abilities Sugar gives our team, I’ve seen increased transparency save significant time and energy on both our side and (more importantly!) the client’s side. ”

General Manager Erik Duthie agreed and added, “Property managers and building engineers are extremely busy, and more and more is demanded of them every year. Many corporations manage thousands of properties, and their property managers are expected to manage multiple locations and lots of services.

“By focusing on the customer experience and making the way we do business easier for them, we take all the worry away as much as we can.”

So there you have it — customers & staff agree that Sugar CRM custmer portal has made Duthie’s perennially 5/5 services sweeter for everyone! We hope these tips help you improve your customer service.

Interested in experiencing our 176%-more-stellar, 5/5-reviewed generator services? Chat with one of our skilled team members or set up a consultation — we’d love to hear from you!

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