Desk calculator with invoices for energy and electric bills as elements of calculating a generator maintenance budget.

Why Should I Have a Generator Maintenance Budget?

Like any equipment, generators need some TLC from time to time. In fact, it’s the law: NFPA 110 mandates that your generator equipment be professionally serviced according to their standards for fire safety equipment. This means that the cost of regular service visits should be part of your generator budget. So what should you set aside for your annual generator maintenance budget?  To […]

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How to Keep Your House Cool Without Breaking the Bank

We previously covered troubleshooting for HVAC maintenance in a recent post, but we also know that there can be more to air conditioning than meets the eye. Sourced from an editor at Groom and Style, here are some tips on how to cool your house (or building) and save on your summer electric bill without completely breaking the bank. The hotter it […]

Skyline of a city in black and white.

Three Time-Saving Tips for Busy Building Managers

The elevator’s stuck, the A/C needs a filter change, your staff is frantically cleaning up a spill, someone’s complaining about a “funny smell” in their workroom, and as the building manager, you’re on the hook for making everything better ASAP.  Sound familiar?  Let a few frantic days pile up like this, and many building managers find themselves running to put out fires […]

building manager emergency planning

When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Building Emergency Plan Ready?

When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Building Emergency Plan Ready? People tend to assume that emergencies won’t happen in their building…despite regular reports of fires, floods, blackouts, and other disasters. But here at Duthie, we’ve helped our fair share of business through emergency situations—and we know they can happen to anyone. So while we’re mostly just at the scene to supply backup generators, our facility […]

Summer is Coming: 5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your A/C

Summer is Coming: 5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your A/C Everyone loves summer in California — but only if they have a cool, refreshing place to recover from the blazing sun. So the pressure’s on building managers to provide that chilled sanctuary via a sleek, reliable HVAC system. And since the heart of the cooling system is your A/C unit, keeping it in […]