Sales person holding up a cell phone to share a pic with a customer.

How I bring a personalized approach to assisting customers

Guest post by Duthie Power Sales Engineer, Garrett Talbott. Before COVID, I would start my day catching up on emails and phone calls, then head into the field for onsite visits. Meeting face-to-face gave me the opportunity to listen to customers and work through all the necessary details to ensure our services would meet their needs. It felt as “personalized” as it […]

photo depicting the person who focuses on the target while leaping between two cliffs in silhouette against a sunset.

I Switched from Accounting to Sales. Advice: Take the Plunge!

For years, I worked in my company’s accounting department – until one day they presented me with an opportunity to sell home generators instead. It felt like a big leap at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the generator business, but I was more familiar with behind-the-scenes numbers than with the sales process. So, taking the plunge, last year I […]

Hand holding a wooden block that says "A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Business Strategy of All."

Effective Sales Strategy: What’s Still Precedented (When Everything Else Isn’t)

This time last year, I was walking around downtown San Diego knocking on doors with a folder full of business cards, line cards and Duthie screwdrivers. Today I’m sitting at home, sifting through spreadsheets, typing up emails, and making phone calls to do the exact same job: make more contacts and close more sales. Even so, my team and I have still […]