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What is Load Bank Testing?

A load bank is a piece of equipment that we use when testing an emergency generator. The test usually consists of a timed event which also includes the KW. As we go through the steps of the test, it will simulate a load on a generator (it’s actually an artificial load).

The test is in timed increments that would involve KW increments as well. During this, we would take readings and validate the generator’s output.

The building has a load that is rated for the generator, which we tie to the load bank and the load bank then simulates the building load. So, in other words it’s validating the output of the generator and the quality of the generator. (To make sure it can handle the building’s load in the event of an emergency)

The one you see behind me is a 1500 KW load bank. We have other ones to be used for different sized generators. There are also smaller generators that require a suitcase style load bank – Duthie provides those as well.

For more information about a load bank test, request a quote online. Or give us a call at 1-800-899-3931 to discuss what load bank testing is. Learn more about our load bank services online.

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