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What should I do if my AQMD generator permit lapsed?

Hi, I am Pete Thornton with Duthie Power Services. I am also known as “Ask Pete” on our website. The question is, what should I do if the AQMD permit or Air Quality Management District permit runs out? The first thing you need to do is get another source to come in and re-register that generator. It’s very important to stay on top of that because if you let it lapse for too long, you may not be allowed to have another permit and you would have to change out your generator.

So, it is extremely important every year to re-certify that generator with the AQMD, and we have sources and companies that can help you with that. You may still get your AQMD generator permit, but it creates a lot of unnecessary work.

How can Duthie reinstate that AQMD generator permit? We cannot. We depend on a separate source who has all the information and all the connections inside the AQMD, and we gently turn you over to them to get them to try and get your permit reinstated. The AQMD will first look for the emissions level of that generator and how old is the generator because if they’re not in compliance with certain standards, they will force you to change out and put a new generator in its place that is up to what they call tier four final standards.

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