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Be Prepared: Keep Your Family & Work Powered During Fire Season

As you most likely know, California is suffering the worst fire season yet recorded.

We at Duthie are shocked and saddened by this drastic damage to property, environment, and especially human lives along the West Coast. 

As locals who raised our family in the San Bernardino County Mountains and experienced firsthand the Old Fire of 2003, we understand the tragedy that is happening and the significant impacts these fires will have for years to come. 

We want to extend thanks to all the firefighters who are in harm’s way as they attempt to contain the fires. 

Likewise, we are deeply grateful for the emergency responders as they assist those whose health, homes, and workplaces have been destroyed by the wildfires. 

We at Duthie are helping as best we can. First, we’re regular donors to local charities that support displaced people and pets, including the Humane Society of Los Angeles. 

Second, we’re keeping Southern Californian businesses’ and homeowners’ lights on when extreme weather events bring down the power grid. 

Keeping electricity is especially important in 2020, when much work and family communication relies on internet access — especially if phone towers or phone lines are down as well.

So if you’re in a fire-prone area of southern California and have a generator, prepare for power outages by making sure it’s been recently serviced. If it’s been more than six months, schedule a service call to ensure that your generator is ready to handle your essential power needs and fire season safety tips.

If your home or business doesn’t have a generator yet, it’s prudent to ask a generator expert about new factory-direct generators. Backup power and power outage preparedness will certainly bring you more peace of mind in a chaotic time, and it may come in very handy very soon. 

And whether you have a generator or not, if you’re caught in a power outage call us at our 24/7/365 emergency power telephone line (tel:1-800-899-3931). We guarantee a 15-minute response time, and a generator arrival with a certified generator technician in 2 hours (depending on location).

As a local Californian business, we’re in this with you and we’ll do our best to meet your power needs — no matter what happens. 

Best wishes,

Erik Duthie, Shana Duthie, and the Duthie Team

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