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Press Release: Duthie Power Offers Honeywell Generators for Large Homes

[LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, October, 20, 2020] 

Even the largest houses can be fully powered in a blackout by Duthie Power’s new offering: Honeywell backup generators for large homes in sizes from 16 kW—22 kW.

“Previously we only offered smaller generators, just up to 14 kW,” explains Erik Duthie, General Manager of Duthie Power Services.

“These are powerful enough for many small and medium homes, but the largest homes needed more to keep their residents safe and comfortable during power outages.”

“When looking for large home generators, we decided to carry and install Honeywell’s products for several reasons:

  • Quiet, Low-Cost Self-Test Mode. Every week, Honeywell whole house generators test themselves for 5-12 minutes, significantly more quietly than other generator brands. They also consume less fuel doing so.
  • Cell-Phone-Based Remote Monitoring. Wherever they are, homeowners can check their generator’s status on their cell phone at any time.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Finish. Each generator’s durable aluminum enclosure is finished with RhinoCoat™, which protects your generator from the elements for a longer, more productive life.
  • Fewer Maintenance Calls Needed. Each generator has a durable Generac OHVI® engine, which requires significantly fewer maintenance checkups than competitors’ engines.
  • Convenient Installation Location. Since Honeywell generators are all third-party-certified to NFPA standards, they can be safely installed as close as 18″ to your home.”

Duthie Power both sells and installs Honeywell generators for large homes, offering a full turnkey service.

“If you choose us for installation as well, we’ll install each Honeywell generator with an automatic transfer switch so that when your power goes off, your generator goes on,” finishes Erik. “You’ll hardly notice that the power went out. We are glad to be able to offer more choices for consumers especially considering all of the power and fire issues we have in California.”

Several customers have already chosen Duthie to install their Honeywell backup generators, and the Duthie team looks forward to providing many more with reliable backup power for their homes.

For over 50 years, Duthie Power Services has served as the largest independent generator and fire pump service provider in Southern California. The Duthie team specializes in large home generator sales, installations, rentals, routine Honeywell generator maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and 24/7/365 emergency power restoration. The company’s commitment to using high-quality parts, coupled with fast, guaranteed customer service and preventative maintenance packages, have made them an industry leader. Duthie Power is a family-owned business and active member of BOMA San Diego (Building Owners and Managers Association), as well as EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association) with offices in Long Beach and San Diego California.

For more information, contact at 800-394-7697 or Shana Duthie at

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