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What are the most common reasons for customers needing to fully replace their generator?

Reasons to Replace Your Generator

My name is Johnny Bradford, and I am here to talk to you about when to replace your emergency equipment generator or fire pump. There are certain times when you have to replace your equipment, such as catastrophic failures or when the unit is so old, the parts are obsolete. If your equipment hasn’t quite failed but you’re aware that repairing will be costly due to how old it is, that warrants making time to replace your generator and buy a new one.

Generator maintenance for generator longevity

Now just because your generator is old, you don’t necessarily have to replace it. The unit can be very old, but maybe there are not very many hours on it and it’s still in good running condition. As long as you maintain your equipment, that prolongs the life of your emergency equipment, whether a fire pump or generator.

Older generators don’t necessarily need more maintenance. Still, you need to be aware that if an item does fail on a generator, those parts could become obsolete, and that could warrant a replacement of that piece of equipment.

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