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Generator Maintenance Checklist

It’s a trust exercise any time we hire an outside expert for service. Whether it’s diagnosing an issue with your laptop, inspecting your auto brakes, or in quarterly maintenance appointments for a backup generator, we trust that the technician will cover all bases. Duthie Power Services prides itself on the knowledge base in our team of technicians, so we asked the team to help us put together a generator maintenance checklist for customers.

Below is a breakdown of important maintenance items to help you feel more informed the next time you book a generator maintenance appointment. If you’re looking for more specific guidance on how to diagnose an issue, let us know at

Pre-startup checklist

Walk around your generator and take a few minutes to generally look it over. Look for things like fluid leaks, animal feces, trash and any new damage that may have occurred since your last inspection. Is there any debris that can be sucked up and cause damage?

  • Keep a logbook. Not only can it be helpful to monitor trends and help diagnose future problems, but it may also be required.
  • Become familiar with where vital fluid level check stations are located. For example, oil level dip stick, fuel level gauge and coolant level. Are vital fluid levels normal?
  • Look at battery terminals and overall condition. Are the terminals clean? Does the battery appear to be swelling or leaking? Does your battery charger have any indicators to show it’s normal?

Test running your generator

  • Notify any required entities that a generator test is going to be happening for when and how long.
  • Manually start the generator. Listen for any abnormal sounds or differences from the last test.
  • Momentarily monitor generator control panel gauges: engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, generator frequency and generator voltage. If all seems to be normal, walk around the generator and look for leaks that may be present.
  • Repeat step number 3 for the duration of the desired test.
  • When the duration of the test is over, turn the generator off and again listen for any abnormal noises.

Post startup checks

  • Record reading from test run in logbook.
  • Again, visually check the generator and surroundings for leaks or debris.


At Duthie Power, we make scheduling your generator services easy. We have automatic reminders as well as an online scheduling option. We also keep copies of all your service reports to keep you in compliance. For assistance with any of your equipment maintenance needs, call us at (562)790-1772 or email

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