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New Generator Manager? Here’s Answers to 5 Common Generator Questions 

Generator Maintenance
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COVID-19’s impact on the economy has sadly resulted in furloughs for many essential employees, including building and maintenance personnel. 

We’ve noticed that many of our commercial customers are now shorter staffed — and that those newly in charge of generators might not even know where the generator is, much less how to care for it. 

If this is you, we’re here to help with a list of questions and tips for new generator managers.

We know that you probably signed up for a completely different job years ago. (For example, some companies laying off a site engineer have put the office manager in charge of generator maintenance!) 

But with a little information and help from your generator service company, you’ll find that keeping your generator in good condition is straightforward. 

With that in mind, we gleaned answers to the most common new-generator-manager questions from Duthie Service Manager Randy Gross:  


Where IS My Generator? 

First of all, don’t feel bad for not knowing! Most employees have no particular reason to know where their business’s generator is. 

While generators can be located anywhere in the building or surrounding area, they’re often found

  • on the rooftop
  • in an enclosure behind a building or a parking structure

If Duthie Power Services is your regular generator service company, contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you your building’s generator location and any other pertinent information you may need to know. 


What Maintenance Does My Generator Need? 

Duthie Power Services recommends an annual and semi-annual service for the entire generator. We also recommend an annual service for the automatic transfer switch, as well as an annual generator load test.

Commercial generators in California must be tested for a short period every month. This is a fairly simple process, and your generator technician will happily teach you how to run it.   


What Kind Of Fuel Does My Generator Need?

Most generators run on Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel. Some units can also use propane or natural gas.


How Can I Get Generator Fuel? 

Unlike cars, standby generators can’t be taken to a gas station whenever they need to be filled up. 

This makes getting fuel a bit more challenging, so we offer 20 gallon–1,000+ gallon fuel delivery to all units in our service area. 


Can I Get On-site Training for Generator Maintenance? 

Yes, from Duthie technicians themselves. 

We offer on-site basic generator training for employees. By the end of the session they’re comfortable doing routine tasks such as test-running the unit, checking fluid levels, and properly reading gauges.

“It’s sad to see so many companies having to let go of critical people in their organization, such as building engineers and maintenance personnel,” finishes Randy. “If you’re a new generator manager in need of information about your specific generator and how to care for it, let us know — we’re here to help.” 

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