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Service Calls – Duthie Equipment and Trucks

Service Calls – Duthie Equipment and Trucks

Our technicians are each in their own company truck – all of our generator service trucks are late model exchanged out every 3 to 4 years for a new Chevy truck. They are all four wheel drive so they can gain access to difficult-to-reach sites such as remote cell towers and things like that. We try to keep our generator service truck fleet a little lower to the ground (as you can see) so they can also access sites within parking structures as well.

They all have 100 gallon fuel tanks so we have diesel with us at all times – to provide fuel in an emergency. The majority of our trucks look exactly like what you’re seeing behind me today. This truck in particular is used for propane delivery so it is placarded for a Hazmat delivery. We do have one other generator fuel delivery truck that has larger fuel tanks on it and has a larger towing capacity for some of our larger rental units.

A typical call (most calls) would involve 1-2 technicians but we do have 24 techs available at our disposal depending on if there was a large-scale emergency we might use more techs depending on the situation.

We have 26 service trucks. 24 on the road and 2 just in case others are needed.

The Duthie service truck generators are certainly equipped to handle any emergency that that may arise with your equipment (with fire pumps, with your ATS, with your generator). Every truck has an assortment of hand tools, power tools and electrical measuring devices (anything a technician may need to diagnose your equipment properly).

Duthie has a full generator parts department. Any part we have in stock we can have someone deliver anytime – 24/7. We can’t put every part that a generator, fire pump or switch is going to need but we do try and stock our trucks with commonly used parts such as relays, fuses, hoses and hose clamps (things like that).

Of course, we do have rental generators available if your equipment is down and can’t be brought back up that night.

For more information on generator fuel delivery, request a service quote or give us a call at 1-800-899-3931.

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