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Schedule Engine App Allows Duthie Power Customers to Easily Book Service Visits – And More

Desktop monitor and cell phone screen showing log in to Schedule Engine scheduling portal for Duthie Power customers.

Since Duthie Power implemented Schedule Engine’s self-serve electrical service booking software in 2019, booking a generator service visit has been as easy for their customers as ordering takeout. Both residential and commercial Duthie clients have praised how Schedule Engine’s text message alerts, photo uploading capabilities, and convenient online scheduling make it easy to keep up with crucial generator maintenance. 

“Adopting Schedule Engine’s technology has made such a difference with our clients,” says Mike Goodman, Sales Engineer at Duthie Power. “It lets them quickly and accurately schedule a service visit based on their needs.” 


Booking service is simple


Duthie customers appreciate how simple it is to book a service visit, both from Duthie Power’s homepage and via the Duthie mobile app

“It’s both straightforward and precise,” says Shana Duthie, Head of Sales and Marketing. “A few clicks tell us not only when they want their visit, but also the reason: maintenance, testing, repairs, quotes, or rentals.”

Choosing one of these categories introduces a new set of options to specify the exact problem. Since the Schedule Engine electrical service booking software is designed particularly for contractors and industrial clients, these options (combined with the ability to upload media) help clients to share the precise nature of their issue. 

To further help technicians see what their customers see, Schedule Engine also allows customers to share media and relevant information such as the size and location (i.e. indoors, outdoors, basement, or rooftop) of their generator. 


Better technology supports better service


“One thing customers have noted is how easily they can upload photos and videos to Schedule Engine,” says Shana. “It takes just a few seconds to snap and submit a picture with their phone, and it really helps show our technicians the precise situation and issue.” This information helps technicians come prepared with all needed tools. 

“At Schedule Engine, we believe technology should make it easier for customers and service providers to do business with each other,” says Laura Good, Senior Marketing Manager at Schedule Engine. “We’re thrilled to see that Schedule Engine has helped Duthie remove the headaches of scheduling service appointments, increase productivity and save everyone valuable time.” 

“We’re happy that this tool is making generator service scheduling so easy for our customers,” says Shana. “With regular servicing and maintenance, they can have peace of mind that their homes and businesses will have power no matter what happens.” 


For over 50 years, Duthie Power Services has served as the largest independent generator and fire pump service provider in Southern California. The Duthie team specializes in generator sales, installations, rentals, routine maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and 24/7/365 emergency power restoration. The company’s commitment to using high-quality parts, coupled with fast, guaranteed customer service and preventative maintenance packages, have made them an industry leader. Duthie Power is a family-owned business and active member of BOMA San Diego (Building Owners and Managers Association), as well as EGSA (Electrical Generating Systems Association) with offices in Long Beach and San Diego California.

For more information, contact at 800-394-7697 and/or Shana Duthie at

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