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Generator Docking Stations


GUEST BLOG: Written by the staff at Trystar

When the power goes out, business owners should be able to replace a brief moment of panic with confidence in their ability to restore power quickly. This confidence comes from a Trystar generator docking station. What is a generator docking station? Docking Stations function to easily and safely switch from permanent or utility power to backup power. This is essential in the case of lost power from the permanent source or ensuring that interruption does not occur during maintenance or testing.

Electrical service tap boxes are a critical part of contingency planning, especially during a disaster. An entire building can be backed up by a generator tap box, or just critical loads depending on what is needed. Because all the equipment has been installed prior to a power loss event, the process of bringing a generator onsite and connecting the cables to the electrical tap box becomes much faster than a situation that lacks a docking station. Depending on the ampacity of the generator tap box, in most cases it takes 2 to 10 minutes to get a generator connected and powered up. Power restored more quickly results in minimized loss.

For more information on electrical docking stations, visit or call Trystar at (507)-333-3990.

Founded in 1991, Trystar is a family-owned, customer-focused manufacturer of power distribution equipment, cable and generator docking stations. Trystar is a leader in generator docking stations for hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, hotels and retailers. Trystar believes that docking stations are an important aspect of contingency planning. Especially in industries where power is critical, Trystar Generator Docking stations can be the solution to lives, data, or money lost during an outage. In these situations, the right way is the only way which is why our products are built to the highest standard.

 Trystar Docking Stations pair well with trailer-mounted generators to provide quick recovery to a power outage.

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