AQMD permit renewal

What should I do if my AQMD generator permit lapsed?

Hi, I am Pete Thornton with Duthie Power Services. I am also known as “Ask Pete” on our website. The question is, what should I do if the AQMD permit or Air Quality Management District permit runs out? The first thing you need to do is get another source to come in and re-register that generator. It's very important to stay on [...]

Generators and AQMD Compliance

  Generator Certification Requirements and AQMD Compliance We run into a lot of customers asking about AQMD (Air Quality Management District) compliance and questions around generators in the market and if they are all AQMD compliant. The short answer is no – not all generators being used currently are AQMD compliant. The reason for this is that while many of them are old, they’re still allowed to […]

AQMD – Setting the Rules for Emissions in California

AQMD – Setting the Rules for Emissions in the State of California AQMD – Setting the Rules for California Generator Emissions In California there is the Air Quality Management District. (AQMD) They are the ones that regulate and set the rules for emissions on all engine applications in the state of California. We are under very strict rules with the AQMD for […]