Manual transfer switch made by Trystar with Duthie Power logo and phrase Power Partners.

Duthie Power Services Partners with Trystar to Provide Customers with Manual Transfer Switches

Part of Duthie Power Services’ success as Southern California’s generator experts stems from building valuable relationships in the emergency power industry for over fifty years. Trystar, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of power distribution equipment, is one such partner Duthie is proud to announce will be helping the Duthie Power team provide customers with manual transfer switches.   American-made and built to last in […]

Sunset or sunrise at the end of an empty highway in the desert.

How to Prepare for our Electrical Future

I’ve been in the energy industry for a long time. And I haven’t seen anything like what happened this last year. Working from home, or remotely, we rapidly became very dependent on our power and digital communication tools. Even a “seasoned” professional like myself learned to quickly adopt Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Sugar CRM and PandaDoc. With that rapid growth has come greater […]

Employee work laptop open on home desk used for remote work.

Remote Work Days? Perfect for Less Expensive, More Convenient Generator Tests

Right now, there are a lot of empty business buildings in California.  This isn’t great news for anyone.  But someone at Duthie has found a small silver lining for businesses which, though their buildings remain empty, are able to conduct their major operations with remote teams.  According to Kyle Michael, Duthie’s head San Diego sales engineer, such businesses may now be in […]

Would Your Business Survive an Extended Power Outage?

What Would Happen to Your Business if it Lost Power for 48 Hours or More? Look to the NFPA 2019 Update   Access to power is like access to the air we breath – we don’t appreciate it until it’s gone. In the same way we all need breath to survive, your business needs electricity to survive. Without a regularly maintained backup […]