Massive wildfire in the foothills of a city at dusk.

Be Prepared: Keep Your Family & Work Powered During Fire Season

As you most likely know, California is suffering the worst fire season yet recorded. We at Duthie are shocked and saddened by this drastic damage to property, environment, and especially human lives along the West Coast.  As locals who raised our family in the San Bernardino County Mountains and experienced firsthand the Old Fire of 2003, we understand the tragedy that is […]

Duthie 15 Minute Emergency Response Time

Duthie 15 Minute Emergency Response Time Duthie Power Services At Duthie Power we offer a 15 minute response time to your call for a rental generator and we can usually have that generator delivered (hooked up) and have you running within 2 to 4 hours. For more information on emergency generator rentals or service on an existing generator, request a service quote […]

What is The EPSS?

What is The EPSS? What is the EPSS, or Emergency Power Supply System? EPSS – that’s the “emergency power supply system”- it’s the entire system: the emergency generator, the transfer switch and the distribution panel for the emergency power. It is the complete package of the entire emergency system which supplies power to the building when called upon. For more information on […]