Headshot of Duthie Power Services Rentals Manager Sal Hernandez

Duthie Employee Spotlight: Meet Sal Hernandez

If you’ve ever worked with Duthie Power’s Rentals Department, you’ve no doubt met Sal Hernandez. A self-professed “jack of all trades” guy, Sal has been sharing his hustle and creativity with Duthie Power since 2006. And hustle and creativity are necessary in the rentals department where emergency calls can come at any hour, any day.   Before Duthie, Sal worked to set […]

Duthie Power employee spotlight picture of Karen Fic with group picture of Duthie staff in background.

15 Years at Duthie: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t

An interview with Duthie Office Manager, Karen Fic Whether calling into Duthie Power or visiting our offices, I am the first person to welcome you into our business. It’s a privilege I’ve enjoyed for many years, as our business has grown to include more staff and more ways to serve our customers. And when I say, “welcome you into our business,” I […]

Duthie staff in front of offices for 50th anniversary.

What I’ve Learned from 50+ Years’ Experience: If You Want Business Growth, Prioritize Your Employees

Guest blog from Duthie Power’s Karen Herlitz When I was growing up on a Pennsylvania farm, I had no idea that I’d be among the first commercial computer programmers – mostly because they barely existed in the 1960’s.  In fact, my college didn’t even offer computer programming courses, so I enrolled in the Control Data Institute to learn several computer languages. And […]