Entrance to LAX airport with palm trees and an overpass behind the sign "LAX."

What Can We Learn from LAX’s June 5 Blackout?

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Like LAX’s malfunctioning ATS (auto transfer switch), a tiny switch that accidentally caused one of the longest blackouts and most frustrated group of travelers in LAX history earlier this month. You’ve probably heard the details of those chaotic four hours on June 5: the instant, airport-wide darkness that shocked both LAX travelers and staff, the […]

When a Generator Company Loses Power

When a Generator Company Loses Power   On January 16th, 2019 California was experiencing one of the most cumulative rain storms in its recent history. The storm caused major flooding, traffic accidents and power outages all over the state. Of course with any natural disaster or extreme weather, preparedness can often soften the blow of any of these events. Contrary to the […]

Class-action Lawsuit Accuses SoCal Edison of Starting Thomas Fire

Class-action Lawsuit Accuses SoCal Edison of Starting Thomas Fire  A class-action lawsuit claims Southern California Edison (SCE) is responsible for starting the Thomas Fire which burned nearly 282,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,000 structures in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties starting Dec. 4. The lawsuit claims SCE employees and contractors working in a canyon near Steckel Park in Santa Paula […]

24/7 means 24/7 for Duthie Power’s Emergency Services

Natural disasters and power outages never come at a convenient time. As the number one name in Southern California's generator service market for over 50 years, Duthie Power has seen many disasters. That’s why Duthie Power’s Emergency Response Team can be counted on 24/7, 365 days a year to restore backup emergency power with one of the largest generator rental fleets in [...]

FAQ for Rental Generator Clients

FAQ’s are typically a part of the website where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about a product or service. At Duthie Power Services, we’re turning the FAQ section on its head and outlining the FAQ’s we typically have for you, our rental generator client. We understand it can be difficult to anticipate all of your needs in an emergency. […]