Headshot of Duthie Power Services Rentals Manager Sal Hernandez

Duthie Employee Spotlight: Meet Sal Hernandez

If you’ve ever worked with Duthie Power’s Rentals Department, you’ve no doubt met Sal Hernandez. A self-professed “jack of all trades” guy, Sal has been sharing his hustle and creativity with Duthie Power since 2006. And hustle and creativity are necessary in the rentals department where emergency calls can come at any hour, any day.   Before Duthie, Sal worked to set […]

Renting Compared to Buying a Commercial Generator

Renting Compared to Buying a Commercial Generator Renting vs. Buying Emergency Generators Renting is obvious if you need a generator for a temporary situation. Basically what we get a lot of rentals for are power shutdowns, construction projects or an outside project (such as a show) that they need temporary power for. This is when a customer needs temporary power for day […]

Duthie Power Generator Rental Program

Duthie Power Generator Rental Program Orange County Generator Rentals The Duthie rental program is really strong. We have over 100 separate generators available, anywhere from 20 KW to 1500 KW. So we can fit almost any application that needs rental power. We are a 24-hours a day 7 days a week operation because we have to back up hospitals and hotels that […]