Massive wildfire in the foothills of a city at dusk.

Be Prepared: Keep Your Family & Work Powered During Fire Season

As you most likely know, California is suffering the worst fire season yet recorded. We at Duthie are shocked and saddened by this drastic damage to property, environment, and especially human lives along the West Coast.  As locals who raised our family in the San Bernardino County Mountains and experienced firsthand the Old Fire of 2003, we understand the tragedy that is […]

Scenic promenade with lighthouse and palms.

“Buy Local” Generators? Why It Makes Sense for SoCal Homes

Did you know that “buy local” can apply to standby home generators as well as fresh organic fruit?  If you’re in Southern California, that is. At Santa Fe Springs near Los Angeles, Champion Generators manufactures some of the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and reliable standby home generators on the market.  Since we began selling and installing Champion home standby generators in 2019, we’ve […]

Most fun way to cool down in summer: the pool!

Is Your A/C Eating Money? 8 Easy Ways to Shrink Your Electric Bills And Stay Cool

Congratulations! After a nerve-wracking spring for many (with unusually high instances of cabin fever), California’s finally made it to summer 2020.  This is an achievement worth celebrating: around April(ish, it got hard to remember months somewhere in there) even reaching summer may have occasionally seemed (to use the official word of Spring 2020) uncertain. So we Californians have more reason to revel […]

Exterior of a Champion home generator with moisture on the surface.

Why Champion? 7 Reasons It’s All About You

Now that we’re providing and installing Champion home generators for all home sizes, we often get asked, “Why Champion generators in particular? What makes them so unique?” Erik and Shana Duthie asked the same two questions a year ago. That’s when they, with the Duthie team, decided to sell and install smaller home generators (in addition to the larger home generators they’d […]

Load Bank Testing- Essential Generator Maintenance

Load Bank Testing- Essential Generator Maintenance Chances are you don’t operate your generator at full power and full temperature unless you’re experiencing an emergency. In fact, your generator may not be used frequently or only run on light loads throughout the year leading you to believe it’s in fine shape. Plus, there’s that saying- “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The […]