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Why you need to buy a Home Generator this year

Duthie Power Sales Engineer Pete Thornton in a radio studio at KFI AM 640 being interviewed by Dean Sharp.

A guest blog from Duthie Power Sales Engineer, Pete Thornton, aka “Ask Pete.”

I had the honor of being on KFI AM 640’s show, “At Home with Dean Sharp,” hosted by the House Whisperer himself, Dean Sharp, every Sunday. Dean invited me as a special guest to discuss Duthie Power’s involvement in home emergency generators. We had a spirited conversation about what every homeowner needs to know when considering purchasing a home standby generator. There’s only so much you can say when you’re on air and enjoying yourself, so I wanted to expand on our conversation and share why I feel so strongly that every homeowner should prioritize installing an emergency power source before it’s too late. Learn why you should buy a generator for your home below.

Keeping Southern California Powered Since 1965

First, a bit of background – Duthie Power Systems has been in the electrical motor business since 1965 and solely in the generator business since 1983. I, myself, have been in the Diesel engine business for 40 years and specifically in the generator business since 2009. Ninety-nine percent of my work has been with large industrial generators for Hospitals, Hotels, High Rise Buildings and more.

I know how these systems work and how important they are to the life, work, safety and the future of any business. It’s easy to understand the importance of backup power when you think of hospitals with all their life saving equipment or a large Data Processing company that handles large volumes of computer information and storage. To these businesses, an emergency generator is invaluable.


Home Generator Systems are as Essential as Security Systems

 Listening back to my interview, I hope listeners were able to hear my excitement through the airwaves for the stationary home generators that Duthie Power has chosen to represent. Just like a large industrial generator we install for a hospital, the Honeywell, Champion and Generac residential generators we have can provide the same peace of mind for your home. They are the same system as we install in hospitals and large business complexes, only they’re sized for your home.

 You may be thinking, “but I don’t live in a hospital or need constant electricity to live.” Is that really true? You may have medical devices you depend on for your life. Or, like a restaurant or grocery store, you have an investment in food and drink that you do not want to spoil when your refrigerator defrosts in a power outage. Moreover, the safety and comfort of your family is important and may depend on your home security system or air conditioning and heating staying on during extreme weather. If you take stock of all the home conveniences that need electricity to run, which ones can you live without? And which ones can’t you live without?

Electrical Demand is Only Going to Grow

 Take it from a person who has regular interactions with large industrial and medical complexes and who understands what back up power systems can do. To have a backup generator so easily available for your home is amazing. From a financial perspective, having a stationary emergency generator connected to your home is a small investment for the peace of mind from knowing you are prepared for any power outage. Each day, we hear more reasons from our power companies that reinforce how much a power outage is always a possibility. Our lives are already so dependent on electrical power. From your refrigerator to your computer, your television to your electric car charger, you need these working every day. I highly recommend a standby generator for your home and 2022 is the year to make the investment.

This article was originally published by Pete Thornton on LinkedIn

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